Earrings for brides: find the most suitable

When a wedding is going to take place there are so many details to keep in mind that they do not fit into a normal list: the guests, the catering, the lounge, the music, the list seems almost infinite, but there are a number of details that do not pass unnoticed, which are everything that revolves around the bride: from the dress to the gold earrings for brides.

The bride, not only monopolizes more looks than the groom, it is her night to be radiant, beautiful, with the dress and hairstyle that carefully selected. That’s why choosing good earrings for wedding and other accessories will be what gives the final touch to your spectacular look.

So if you are looking for earrings and jewelry for weddings, and would like to know good ideas to know which one to choose, this article is for you.

The rhinestones that are usually added to wedding dresses should also be taken into account. A dress with excessive use of rhinestones, sequins and even feathers, should be accompanied by a pair of simple and elegant earrings.

The imperial style earrings are the most used, consisting of precious stones at the height of the earlobe with another stone that “falls” in the shape of a drop. It can be made of diamonds, pearls or precious stones combined. The combinations of this model of earring for bride is almost infinite, and stands out at the same time for its elegance and simplicity.

Pearl earrings: the most chosen for weddings

The pearl earrings are usually the most appropriate since they not only go with the white color or the broken white of the wedding dresses, but they are also very delicate and seated.

For a simple dress and loose hair you can choose a pair of pearl earrings for more worked bride that illuminate the face and so will not go unnoticed.

For collected hair and more loaded dresses, using a simple pearl wedding earring can be the sophisticated and delicate touch that the bride seeks. Remember that along with the whole set that makes up the wardrobe of the bride, is added a session of photos that are usually the most remembered and valued in years to come. That’s why finding harmony in the complete look is a challenge.

Pearl earrings for brides from Majorica

Majorica is a jewelry brand from Mallorca. And one of its main distinguishing characteristics is the very fine work done with pearls, both on earrings, as necklaces, rings or bracelets. That’s why it’s no wonder that Majorica earrings are especially suitable for weddings. 

Tous: delicate and elegent girlfriend earrings

Other of our favorite brands and that has varied and successful proposals to use in weddings, is the Spanish Tous. The designs of Tous pearl earrings are attractive and delicate. They mark a style and also can be used not only in such an important event but as a daily earring.

Earrings for brides with Swarovski crystals

The Swarovski are not pending to go unnoticed, on the contrary. With its different types of brilliant cut, its crystals stand out and transmit luminosity and warmth to any look you choose to wear. Swarovski earrings for brides are combined with pearls in a delicate and elegant way.

Some with a round shape, others with a drop shape, crystals can be the alternative you are looking for to give a touch of shine to the dress (if it does not have rhinestones), and to the makeup.

Earrings for brides with tradition

One of the great myths about brides and weddings is based on a popular tradition that says the bride should wear: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. It is a beautiful way to see the preparation of the bride for the wedding as a ritual and no doubt where it can become more creative.

Your earrings can be part of this tradition, whether you decide to wear them blue, or as something borrowed, new or something old. Nothing like using the earrings your mother or grandmother used on your wedding day, or even your best friend’s.

The blue earrings for bride can also give a unique and original touch to your dress and hairstyle. More for those with blue eyes, some pretty blue earrings will highlight the color of their eyes.

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