A Fingerprint Ring is a Great Engagement Ring Idea  

Do you still not know what kind of ring to give to your special someone to ask her hand in marriage? One of the best ideas is a fingerprint ring. It might be your first time hearing about this type of ring, but it is already becoming popular.

The concept is quite simple. You take the fingerprint of your special someone, or perhaps your fingerprint, and submit a copy to the jewellery store. They will give you the steps to take the fingerprint. From there, they will create a mould and eventually the ring. After receiving the ring, you can plan your proposal.

It is a unique idea in the sense that no one else has this type of ring. It is customised jewellery that will surprise your special someone. The idea that you are taking her fingerprint could be risky, so you might rather have your fingerprint on the ring. Besides, the purpose of a proposal is to ask for her hand in marriage and giving your all to her. You might as well give a real part of yourself through this ring.

It might be expensive

A fingerprint ring looks good and is perfect for an engagement. The only thing that could set you back is its price. It is a bit pricey like any other customised jewellery. Before you write it off, you need to understand how special it is, and why it is a standout idea.

Whether you like it or not, women love to brag about their engagement. Finally, someone asked them to get married, and it is one of the best things that could happen to them. Therefore, giving them a ring this special would be worth the price. You can expect her to not only brag about the ring but also brag about having you in their life.

Start by looking at the available ring models and decide if you will still pursue this idea given the cost.

The proposal needs to be unique too

If you decide to buy a fingerprint ring, it is only fitting to have a fantastic proposal also. Make sure that you keep it secret. You may for ask help from friends and relatives if you are planning to have a big party after the engagement.

The key is to know her well. You don’t want to have a flash mob if you know that she is the shy type who hates public attention. She deserves a private ceremony that only has the people close to both of you. On the other hand, if she has a big personality, you can’t settle for anything less. You need to go all-out in giving her a proposal she will honestly remember.

Once you’ve chosen the best ring from the range of fingerprint rings UK jewellery retailers offer, the only thing left to do is to practise what to say and to pop the question. It may or may not end well, but you will be glad to know that you gave everything you have to convince her to say yes.


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