5 International beauty companies that are going to shake the industry and its consumers

Who doesn’t love the thrill and excitement of grabbing a favorite nailpolish and lipstick shade from the comfort of their home? There can be nothing more interesting than receiving a cult beauty product of which you’ve been hearing the best reviews. Although this is certainly not something good for your wallet but the euphoric feeling that you get after buying a great beauty product which makes your skin look shiny and flawless makes your expense worth it.

If you’re a beauty junkie, here is a list of the best international beauty e-commerce websites which are going to shake the beauty industry with their wide array of products. Scroll down to know their names.

  1. Mixtrade

This is an international beauty site based in Israel and it is the one-stop destination for all sorts of beauty needs that a person can have. You think of any beauty product like makeup suitcases, eyebrows, eyelashes, waxing, gel nail polish, pedicure or manicure equipments, you will get everything that you want in Mixtrade. Check them out at  www.mixtrade.co.il.

  1. BeautyBay

This is a beauty e-commerce website which doesn’t only ship worldwide but they have a huge stock of every possible brand that you may ever want. From BareMinerals to Urban Decay to lesser-popular brands like Cargo. The best thing about their site is that it is extremely easy to navigate and this is always a plus sign for the website users. You can also check out the price in any currency of your choice.

  1. Beauty Bridge

What attracts most people towards this site is that they always keep offering the best rebates and discounts and who wouldn’t prefer such a deal? Everytime you order something, they will send you 3 free samples. Wouldn’t you love to experiment with such free samples?

  1. Nordstrom

Free Shipping are the two words which come to our mind when we think of Nordstrom. This is something rare especially with regards to international websites but we aren’t kidding! In this e-commerce website you can stock on all your favorite beauty brands and also browse through their section where you get to know about the most amazing beauty brands.

  1. Look Fantastic

You may think of any beauty brand and Look Fantastic can promise you to be able to provide you with one. They too have free international shipping, 10% off for new shoppers and free gifts on every purchase. Once you start using this website, you will love this digital store which is indeed awesome.

So, if you still don’t know where to shop from, you have lots of choices available. Browse through any of the websites and start shopping for your best beauty products.

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