Want to upgrade your footwear collection? Here are the trending buys!

Your footwear collection, at times, speaks volumes about your personality and fashion choices. Whether you like casual men clogs or formal derby shoes, you must always keep a mix of both styles. Selecting the right footwear for you can be a little tricky at times, but you must keep in mind that your choice should be the perfect mix of casual and formal. Nowadays, wearing a fancy outfit is not limited to special occasions you need a trendy pair of shoes like sneakers, men clogs, or even loafers to complete your look. Here is some in-trend footwear that you need to stock in your personal collection:

Derby: These types of formal footwear are classic and timeless pieces. They go well with any traditional outfit and elevate the overall look. After being around for all these years, they have somehow become the trending staples for office goers. It is a typical formal shoe; however, many brands are coming up with different variations of it.

Sneakers: This world is full of sneakerheads; whether it is admiring premium sneakers or collecting a wide range to create multiple looks, they have managed it all. Over the last few decades, these footwear options have evolved to be an on-trend must-have. They go well with any casual and smart casual look. You can style any outfit effortlessly if you own sneakers.

Clogs: The men clogs in the market these days come in many trendy colours, prints, and styles. They are the perfect footwear for any casual outfit that you put together on days when you do not want to put in much effort. For someone who loves a street-style look, then these men’s clogs are the best option for you. The major reason why people love them is that they are suitable for every season.

Loafers: Loafers are known to be the budget-classy shoes that are perfect for your date looks as well as for classy occasions. This is an interesting combination of formal shoes and casual footwear. It is perfect to be worn with a basic combination of shirt and pants just to get the whole look aligned. This pair of footwear will match perfectly all the contemporary outfit ideas.

Kolhapuri: This stylish ethnic footwear is in trend as millennials are proving to be a generation that is getting the best out of an Indo-Western look. For such outfits, you must go for kolhapuri chappals that add an authentic element to the whole look. If you are someone who likes the bohemian style, then this is the perfect footwear choice for you.

Party Shoes: Whenever you are stepping out for a party, you make sure that your whole look is on point but so should be your footwear choice. As a safe side, it is better that you own at least one pair of fancy party shoes like leather moccasins, or else you’ll have to crash the party wearing your men clogs.

This list of footwear includes the most trending and must-have footwear that you will easily find in the market.

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