Are you damaging your engagement ring? Here’s how to check.

An engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you will ever own. You will want to make sure it stays as close to shiny and new as possible, especially when you are only just engaged and the novelty has yet to fade. Of course, you could leave it in its box forever, but assuming you want to wear it every day, there are steps you can take to ensure its quality is maintained.

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Potential sources of damage

The first thing to remember is that your ring is not indestructible. It can be chipped, stones can become loose, and the ring can be lost. This means being careful about what you do with your hands. Do not punch things and be careful what you carry. Racket sports such as tennis and hand sports such as volleyball present a risk of damage or loss. Cold water can shrink your fingers and make the ring less secure, so be careful when swimming. In general, any activity that uses your hands is a reason to temporarily remove your ring for safe keeping.

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You should also avoid certain types of housework. You do not want the bleach and chemicals you use when cleaning your kitchen or bathroom to erode the band or cloud the stone. There is also the risk that you could lose your ring if it slips off over a plughole or drain. Similarly, cooking whilst wearing your ring could lead to stains and erosion.

Substances that could damage the appearance of your ring also include hand creams and lotions. Their residue can make your ring feel dirty and discolour the metal, particularly platinum or white gold rings like the fully set diamond wedding rings at

Ways to protect and maintain your ring

Advice on caring for your ring is available from experts such as those at The Knot. You can clean your ring yourself with warm water, washing up liquid and a toothbrush, but why not take it to your jeweller to be cleaned professionally? Yearly maintenance appointments also allow a jeweller to spot cracks and chips that you might have missed.

Finally, for your own peace of mind, ensure your ring is insured. Its value is both monetary and sentimental, and if the worst does happen, at least you know you are protected.


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