Zipper slider replacement

You might think that replace a zipper slider is an easy thing to do, but there are a few details you need to consider when having your zipper slider replacement.

First, you have to be sure about what type of zipper slider replacement corresponds

Watch the teeth of your zipper tape.

To begin, the slider must fit the teeth on both sides and types. To be sure about what’s the side and/or is the correct one for your replacement process, you must check the marks located usually on the top of the zipper.

There, you might see a number over an initial. The number is the size, and the initial is the type of the tape this specific slider works on.

Another thing to have in mind is if the zipper slider you need is locking or non-locking. But this is not such a crucial choice, is completely up to you. Yu can keep the same type as the original or you can choose a different one. Here is where you put your personal preference in charge.

Now, you know what size and type you are looking for. Let see what else can happen

Zipper pull replacement

If your zipper pulls brakes, you might not need to have a full zipper replacement. Maybe you can only replace the slider and the little piece that works as a retainer for the zipper, known as the stop.

This will make the task much faster, easier and cheaper than having a complete replacement and you will still have a perfectly working zipper.

Zipper tabs

The zipper tabs are the part of the zipper that needs to be held to be able to pull the zipper one way or the other. This piece is directly sewed to the object it is holding together, and usually is the less likely to broke.

Still, if that happens you might have to put your hand on ward and start sewing. The thing here is that if you are not an expert you might be fearing on getting a bulked zipper after you finished your work. To avoid that there is a little trick to apply, you can just add some extra fabric at the end of the zipper and that is all.

Plus, if you are brave enough you can add come personalization an create something prettier,

Zipper head replacement

Having problems with the zipper head is one of the most common situations we can face in our daily life. The are two main ways of fixing it, but unluckily in both situations we might have to sacrifice a piece of the zipper.

One option is to tray to fix it with pliers. Or will have to orient the pliers so that the inner surfaces touch the top and bottom of the head. Run the pliers down until the loose side snaps back into place. This method might work or might ruin your zipper.

With the other method, you will have to cut the zipper that lose the head and then insert the free side of the zipper into the top tip of the head where you made the cut.

Here, you will have to scarify a piece of zipper, and maybe it would ruin your entire zipper too.

In all cases, replacing the entire piece is the safest way of fixing your broken zipper.

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