Fashion is vast. There are so many options for anything and everything. From your innermost layer to the outermost, there are more than a thousand varieties of everything. There are different colors, and a traditional color doesn’t just end there. There are so many different shades of one color. There are then so many different under and overtones of that very color. There are different mixtures of color with other tones and combinations. There is just so much of everything. There are so many different blends of cotton, types of leather, sources of fur, types of chiffon and you get the idea. Fashion helps you to progress in the dynamic culture. In recent years the trends have changed for wearing and styling of boyfriend jeans.

Perhaps the most commonly known item from the world of fashion having a wide variety is that of jeans. There are so many different cuts for and fabrics for jeans that it is sometimes hard to keep up. What type pairs perfectly with what and how to wear it is a struggle these days for many of us. We have denim, we have mom jeans, we have skinnies, we have high waisted, and now we have boyfriend jeans.


Now not everyone knows what boyfriend jeans are. Are they what you steal from your boyfriend like his hoodies? Nope. Boyfriend jeans are your jeans but just a little different from the typical ones. Boyfriend jeans have a normal tight-fitting from the waistline and hips but a loose relaxing cut lower than that for the legs. They come in tones of blue and blacks and a large variety.

From ripped to fade, you see it all in boyfriend jeans. They are currently trending, and you will see pretty much every model donning them in their street style. From totally casual to a little extra, boyfriend jeans come with a big styling range. You can pair them with a lot of things and rock the street style.


A casual look is where you are most relaxed and don’t have to do anything over the top. It is mostly last-minute throwing together of shirts and bottoms and just wearing what speaks to you the most or sometimes what is ironed, laundered and available. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot look good and trendy in your casual look. With a little effort and mixing and matching, you can create a very trendy casual look.

Get yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans in light blue. Pair it up with basic tee shirts. What rocks the most is the white tee shirt. However, blacks blues and other colors work just fine as well. Make sure that your shirt is plain with nothing on it. Tuck it in. Put your hair in a high pony, messy bun or let them loose. Wear a belt, a couple of bracelets, a wristwatch, and you are good to go.


Crop tops are essential in the fashion world and should be in your closet. They suit everybody and every body type and gives you a very trendy and chic look. To create a masterpiece of a look, what better to pair the two most trending items of clothing currently in the fashion industry? Put the boyfriend jeans together with a crop top, and you have got something amazing with very little effort.

Get a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and pair it with a crop top. Be it sleeveless or full-sleeved. A crop top gives your outfit a very relaxed and laid back look. Your crop top can be plain. It can have stripes. It can even be a tube top. It can have floral or some abstract design on top of it. It can be off-shoulder, or it can be in tight-fitting or loose to give a relaxed look, and it can even be high necked. The point is, the type of crop top doesn’t matter as long as you pair it nicely.


The said style was specific to winters, but that isn’t necessary. Boyfriend jeans are highly adaptable. They can be carried and worn as many different styles and in all 4 of the seasons. Winter comes with a lot of clothing items. It gives us a wide range of coats, jackets, blazers, sweaters, high necks, thermals, and so much more. Luckily for us, all of these things can go with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

You can style boyfriend jeans with a half-tucked oversized sweater and pair it with a chunky statement belt. You can also wear a simple tee shirt on top of your jeans and wear a leather jacket on top of it. Moreover, you can also wear an overcoat on top of your boyfriend jeans. Overcoats give your outfit a very chic and elegant flair. They also make you look tall and slender. Winter is your boyfriend jeans’ best friend.


Like a cup of hot chocolate isn’t complete without marshmallows, an outfit isn’t complete without the right accessories either. You need to wrap up your outfit in a very nice manner by accessorizing it well. There are a lot of things that can go with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

Let us start with a casual look. For a casual look, wear a simple leather belt and chunky sneakers with your jeans. Wear your hair in a messy bun, pony or let them loose in beachy waves and carry a satchel bag. For a formal look, make a sleek high pony or a mid-part bun. Wear a pair of hoops, carry a slightly embellished clutch or purse and wear sandal heels underneath. For winters, accessorize your jeans with beanies, mufflers, cape shawls and so on. Wear boots underneath and wear a chunky belt. Carry a big purse and wear pendants on your sweaters and tops. Wear watches, bracelets and a pair of shades no matter the season and time of day.


Boyfriend jeans are very in and trendy right now. Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest is full of pictures of models rocking them. They are a statement for street style. You can take an example from your favorite celebrities and models as well as create looks of your own. Mix and match with different colors, different styles, different fabrics, different cuts and patterns. Create combinations and color schemes. Apply makeup accordingly. Have a bold red lip of you want to be extra or be natural in a lip tint or lip balm. Wear the right sort of shoes and accessorize. You can rock the boyfriend jeans look!

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