Understanding the Significance of Clothes

One of the necessities to human survival besides have food and shelter is that our bodies are to be covered with clothes. Clothing and accessories have come a long way as we have had to adapt to the changing of the times. The modern-day shopper in today’s society is significantly different than the survivalist of times past. Additionally, many different aspects including inclement types of weather, such as the wind, rain, and heat, come into play as we make our choices in the type of apparel and adornments we decide upon.

A Historical Look at Drapery

As human beings we naturally have body hair to keep us warm. It is said that about one million years ago humans began losing more and more of their body hair, and then adapted the use of wearing clothes to keep themselves warm. Noticeably, We are “wrapped” from the time we are born up until adulthood. Anthropologists have discovered that the first forms of clothing included animal skins and certain vegetation. These did fine to protect us from various weather conditions and earthly elements.

Wardrobe for The Religious Purpose

Christians and those practicing the Catholic faith have adapted their own clothing for the sake of specific religious vestments. They can be seen wearing robes, head coverings, and plain dress. Certain accessories are specific to the religious realm as well including hats, crucifixes, and rings. You’ll find that some religious dress has a more conservative and modest appeal while other religious practices include more fanciful taste. As it pertains to the Bible, the first humans on earth, Adam and Eve, were made to wear clothing after they had sinned. The Bible’s first book called Genesis reveals that Adam and Eve became aware of their nakedness and shortly after began to adhere leaves together and create loincloths out of the skins of animals to wear.

A Look at The Dress

By the early 19th century, women wore light dresses. Though some people wear clothing to improve comfort, this idea may not have been so in the 1850s where women wore frames of whale bone or steel wire referred to as “crinoline” under their skirts for the sake of flare and fashion. Today, the woman’s dress comes in all forms including the womens gray midi dress with choker that’s quite the fashionable look worn by many young modern women of this new generation.

Complete the Look with Accessories

For the perfect look, certain pieces referred to as accessories are used when piecing outfits together. These pieces provide a compliment to the look of the wearer and may even be an expression of identity and personality. There are many types of accessories that come in all different shapes and sizes. The term accessory began to be used in the 20th century and includes purses, glasses, umbrellas, wallets, canes, jackets, boots and shoes, ties, hats, belts and suspenders, gloves, muffs, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, watches, sashes, shawls, lanyards, socks, pants, piercings, and stockings.


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