Trendy Ideas for Ladies Shoes

Footwear is something that plays an important role in the part of your personality. Every footwear has its own identity. Wearing the wrong piece of footwear can prove to be obnoxious in many ways. There are hundreds of styles available in shoes for both men and women. However, it all ends up at finding the best pair of shoes that is trendy as well as comfortable to carry.

We all know that there is a huge range of stylish shoe types available for women such as boots, heels, sandals and pumps etc. however, when choosing a pair of shoes from the wide array of different styles of footwear, we sometimes do get confused. We will discuss the variety of trendy designs and styles of footwear for ladies in this blog. Moreover, It is essential to know the types of shoes when, where, and what to wear.


The array of casual shoes fall in the category of the preference of daily wear shoes. However, many women feel comfortable even wearing heels in daily life. Therefore, some kinds of heels are also included in casual footwear.

Here is the list of casual shoes that can go hand in hand with your casual dresses.

  • Doll Shoes/ Ballet Flats/Pumps

Pumps or ballet flats or doll shoes are the footwear that is widely preferred and accepted by women to wear in their daily life as well as for formal footwear. These shoes are comfortable, and it has a variety of designs available-such as it can be fancy, formal, casual, trendy and funky with bright colors. It is easy to carry these flat shoes as it is light in weight and provides a classy outlook. Nowadays, yellow color in pumps is very popular among women. Moreover, working women can find these pair of footwear very stylish and comfortable with their outfits. These shoes also look very pretty with all types of jeans, frocks, skirts or dress pants.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers or canvas shoes with or without laces is the footwear that most of the university and college going girls desire. It is as trendy as it is comfortable. There are different girly designs and a variety of colors available in these shoes. For instance, pink laced up sneaker seems attractive to many teenage girls. These days’ pure white sneakers with a flower or other designed patch over it are quite in. Such white sneaker looks out class with jeans and short frocks.

  • Flip-flops

Flip-flops are the best-needed footwear in summers. It is very simple in design with two strips along with flat sole. If you are planning for a pool party or visiting a beach, it can be trendy footwear with your swimming or picnic outfits. Colors like shocking pink, lemon, orange or watermelon green with the beautiful fruity design over it look trendy and cool with the get-up. Flip-flops are available with a variety of patterns and colors that you can match with any of your beach apparels.

  • Wedges and Mules

Certain types of heels that are considered as casual footwear such as wedges or mules. Mules are the heel that is opened from the back end, whereas wedges are of two types – either a lower or higher platform heel. However, wedges and mules are the most comfortable heels to wear informally, and it gives an elegant look to your feet. Mules are easier to carry as it can be slide on and off effortlessly.

  • Sandals

Sandals are the most commonly wore footwear with a wide range of variety. Both open and closed sandals, as well as jellybeans sandals, look stunning with the daily wear. It is handy and easier to carry when going out for a short period, casually. The women of all age group appreciate beautiful and delicate designs of flat sandals.

  • Joggers/Trainers

If you are the one fond of collecting shoes for your workout, training or gym session than the most convenient choice of shoes are joggers. For instance, girly shades like pink and purple joggers with skin fit tights or short look very fashionable.

  • Boots

A practical choice of footwear for all season lies in the variety of boots available. From long boot to ankle-high boots, all type of boots has a preference in every season. In winters, a diverse variety of boots are common. In winters, try the new velvet style ankle-high, Chelsea boots or full in vibrant colors like maroon, navy blue etc. Whereas in summers, mostly ankle-high boots are preferred.


The style and formation of formal shoes are similar to somewhat of a few casual footwear. However, they differ in the sense of simplicity, decency and the way shoes are carried with formal dresses. Below is the list of some formal footwear along with the idea of dresses it can be accompanied.

  • Loafers

Loafers are the formal flat lace-less shoes, which is common among men, women and children. Although these shoes are also considered as casual footwear. These are generally slip on’s shoes that are comfy and possess a similar shape as moccasins. Nowadays, these are introduced apart from black color with many nude colors like fawn, camel, and beige. It looks classy with the office attire.

  • Pencil heels

Pencil heels are the price-less addition in women footwear. It elegantly goes with most of the outfits, whether it is casual, party dress or formal wear. It provides a classy and toned look to your feet. Pencil heels are now available in a variety of styles ranging from court shoes to thin strips to fancy beautiful stones style. The pointed shoe heels look amazingly classy with the formal dresses, and many women prefer it. Moreover, it is also worn in striking colors like red, silver etc. by girls and women in marriage gatherings.

  • Block Heels

Block heels are the new trendy footwear that is popular among the youth-aged as well as middle-aged women. It is comfortable and looks extremely attractive with loose pants or short frock.

  • Boots with pencil or block heels

The utmost trendy and different idea to carry footwear is the choice of ankle-height boots along with pencil or block heel to wear with the formal dress. When you are wearing a formal skin fit half dress or a skin fit skirt with a formal shirt or long coats, such boots will add zing to the whole attire.


Hopefully, this blog provides you with a basic instinct about several trendy ways to carry footwear along with the outfit, whether it is casual or formal. It is more convenient to choose a pair of shoes when you have a clear idea of the style you want. Therefore, experimenting with the new look with choosing different types of shoes with the various outfit can be quiet fun and a great experience for your sense of styling.

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