Tips to know how to choose your evening dresses

Do you have to go in search of evening dresses?

If you have been invited to an event, you are undoubtedly worried about finding that perfect evening dress. We know that searching it’s not an easy task. Surely, you will have to visit many shops and evaluate different proposals. Therefore, to make your job easier, we give you some tips to choose elegant and fashionable evening dresses.


This kind of look is a little complicated to choose since it must be elegant and sober. Remember that it is vital that you know how to select an ideal look. There is a special rule for evening dresses, mainly for size and color palette. Jovani, a recognized company of the fashion industry, explains that when choosing a dress, you have to be sure that it is the ideal one for you. For them, an evening dress must combine elegance, comfort and efficiency.

To be the perfect attendee, we present you six tips that you must take into account. Pay attention!


A long evening dress with a mermaid cut is one of the new favorite trends of 2018. This type of design specializes in emphasizing the female silhouette. In this way, it gives a touch of sensuality to the woman who wears it. Being tight, it enhances the curves of the hips and waist. There is a variety of colors in this gown design. However, if you want to splurge sophistication and a lot of sensuality, we advise you to wear a red one. Do you dare to wear it?


Surely you’ve seen around this hot fashion trend: monochromatic. It is the ideal combination between white and black. Also, it is one of the trends that promise to be the favorite for a long time. However, not only consists of full colors but also in combinations of stripes, double colors, squares and flowers. A style with which you will look completely perfect.


One of the best of 2018, are the evening dresses of two pieces. The combination of a tight top ending at the waist and a voluminous skirt is one of the best. Also, the best of all is that you can find it in different colors and different constructions: sleeves, no sleeves, prints, lace, neckline or plain. Any of them will achieve something different from this classic look.


The prints that you will see in every evening event of 2018 are floral. There are different colors, fabrics, in long or short length, with or not neckline and thousands of other options. The print manages to make a difference in the material and focus attention on a specific side of the entire silhouette. Wearing a flowery evening dress will provide you a particular kind of elegance. Of course, when you choose the accessories, you have to be very careful that your look does not look too heavy.

In the same way, flowers have also become a trend in embroidery. It is one of the details that especially expose nature. It’s mostly used on the upper part of the dress, creating the illusion of a necklace. Especially in necklines with lace or halter effect. If you care about flowers as much as we do, this type of dress is the ideal one for you.


The rhinestones and the shine have come to the world of fashion as the new way to look glamorous. Gone was the fear of using any bright elements: glitter, sequins, and lights. Now they are part of the new trends in dresses. This type of detail is mainly applied in the corset. An option of evening dresses is a mermaid cut dress with rhinestones details. Using it will give you an extra contribution of elegance and glamor.


Remember that in every event, there is always a protagonist person. For example, if you have been invited to a wedding, you can not wear a white dress. Also, your hairstyle cannot be similar to the bride. Choose a proper color and hairdo. You can be the perfect guest, without the need to overshadow the host of the night.

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