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Common sense tends to have an understanding of fashion based on two different but complementary perspectives. On the one hand, it has the fashion as the “reflection of the transformations of contemporary society, of customs and of behavior in general “. It is not necessary to cite references, this discourse is present in any article of the printed media or in any news on the subject on television. It is, however, an evaluation that tends to dodge any more accurate analysis of the subject. Our society is constantly changing. Taking something, whatever it is, as a reflection of it, is not only a dismesurated redundancy, but also an attempt to find a “shelter ” against the risks of a more consistent and objective analysis. Common sense finds here a safe abode for the understanding of what we know by fashion name. Not only does it stop taking risks, it can, at the same time, engender the need for a specialization for this discourse

Source: Cruz Clothing

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