The Benefits of Magazine Holster

A magazine holster has several benefits. These include less bulk, faster draw, convenience, and concealed carry. It may surprise you that carrying a magazine holster has dozens of advantages.

Less bulk

If you carry a pistol or revolver, a magazine holster can be a great way to keep the gun or magazine secure while maintaining your sense of style. Magazine holsters typically contain adjustable retention screws to keep the magazine centered in the holster. These holsters also feature a bullet-facing forward design, making them perfect for tight spaces. You can even buy custom magazines that fit a certain magazine model.

Faster draw

A magazine holster can make it easier for you to pull your gun faster. These holsters are designed to fit most pistols, including the Glock, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Ruger, Kel Tec, and Speedloaders. They are also compatible with left-handed guns like the Heck & Koch. In addition, there are several ways you can customize your magazine holster.

Depending on your shooting style, you might want to use either a left or right-handed mag holder. The bullets face down when you pull a magazine from a horizontal magazine carrier. It is easier on your left hand, as it will be used to grab a magazine. However, if you use your right-handed hand to draw your weapon, you can reverse the orientation of the magazine pouch.


When it comes to home defense, a magazine holster is invaluable. Its concealability is essential and provides an edge over an intruder if the weapon is dark. Mags also tend to have more magazine capacity than other guns, which makes them difficult to spot in low light. A magazine holster allows you to carry two magazines, one in your waistband and one in your pocket. Loading the second magazine is much quicker than retrieving a dropped one. Plus, having a spare is convenient, as you can focus on the threat while loading the first.

When choosing a magazine holster, choose one made from durable material. Soft material may cause damage to the ammunition. A loose magazine holster will allow the magazine to fall out, denting the clip and increasing the likelihood of malfunction. A durable magazine holster will last a long time. However, it is important to consider how much ammunition you plan to carry with you. If you plan on shooting a large game, you might want to buy several spare magazines for the day.

Concealed carry

A concealed carry with a magazine holster is an excellent option for concealing your firearm. Mag carriers are retention devices that fit in your pocket. While some are made from leather, nylon, and other materials, these items are not moisture resistant and have poor retention. They are also designed to hold a variety of magazines rather than a particular model. As a result, these products are more like tactical vest pouches than concealment devices.

If you conceal your weapon with a magazine holster, ensure it fits snugly in your pocket. These holsters are shaped to minimize the risk of ammunition snagging. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear and can help you remain concealed. The best magazine holsters are designed to fit inside your waistband or in your back pocket. Whether you carry your handgun concealed or exposed, you’ll want to use one of the many magazine holsters available.


The cleanliness of a magazine holster is an important consideration when carrying a firearm. There are many reasons to clean the magazine, but some are more important than others. For example, some holsters are designed to prevent jams, while others are designed to avoid the magazine from spilling over. In either case, knowing what to look for in a magazine holster is essential.

First, make sure the holster you have is made of leather. Leather is prone to dirt and grime. It can affect the gun and cause it to malfunction. You should also keep the leather clean, which can be difficult to clean. The best way to keep leather and other materials clean is to wipe them down with a microfiber cloth soaked in lukewarm water and saddle soap. Next, rub the cloth along the leather in a circular motion. Make sure to dry the cloth thoroughly before re-attaching it to the holster.


The material used for magazine holsters should be durable. If the magazine holster is made of soft material, it may sag over time and damage your ammunition. Also, a loose holster may cause your magazine to fall out, denting the clip or causing it to malfunction. Durability is also directly related to reliability. A high-quality magazine holster should last months and even years.

Leather and woven nylon magazine holsters are less durable than their counterparts. Leather and woven nylon do not offer adequate protection against blunt force and water. Likewise, a Kydex magazine holster is more durable and water-resistant than leather or nylon. However, leather and cloth holsters can change shape and size, affecting their draw and overall quality. In addition, leather and woven nylon magazine holsters will tear if they come in contact with a jagged edge.

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