Sometimes, a Predictable Product Is the Perfect Choice

Every day, there’s a new product released on the market. Every day, you are tempted to buy a new skincare item thinking they will be the answer to that problem you can’t seem to get rid of. Every day, you feel disappointed and fall back to the tried and tested products you’ve had for a long time.

There may be new ones that prove effective, and they can earn their place in your skincare routine, but for the most part, it’s good to stick to products you already know. Here’s why:

You Don’t Need to Worry About Discontinued Products

Thin eyebrows used to be the norm. Then, society agreed that fuller brows bring out your youthful self. The eyebrow makeup for sale available online have changed to reflect this change in trends, but eyebrow makeup isn’t really one of those products you need to change very much. It depends on how you shape your brows, for the most part. You can use the same eyebrow makeup and create various looks, provided you stick to the same hair color. Dyeing your hair changes everything, but barring that, you don’t have to worry about discontinued products because eyebrow makeup lasts long and if you use them up, you can still buy the same old products and use them for whatever new trend comes along.

You Know It’s Not Just a Fad

Some products do nothing but are hyped way too much that they make you believe they’re the holy grail of makeup. This can be a waste of your money and time, and you may distrust every new product as a result. When you stick to the products you already know work wonderfully, there’s no need to guess whether it will show results. Products that have been around for quite some time have a reputation that they have built up from years of satisfied customers. Unlike new products that are yet to be trusted, these older products will not disappoint.

Your Skin Already Knows What to Expect

With every new product you use on your face, there is that “waiting” period to give the product ample time to show results. Some products will be good for your skin, and you’ll want to use them for a long time; other products do not anything remarkable. They’re not necessarily bad, but they aren’t worth the additional expense. If you keep buying overhyped products and barely get through their waiting period, you won’t see their results. You’ve spent so much but haven’t used them enough for them to pay off.

In the end, you’re on the losing side. You can be the winner instead by using products your skin has already gotten used to, and adjust the formulation if possible. This is especially true for exfoliants, which have chemical ingredients in various quantities depending on how much your skin can tolerate. Upping the chemical formulation seems like a more natural progression than switching to a different product just because you feel like it.

The products you use on your skin can either show great results over time or be a source of frustration in the short-term. If you’ve found products that work well on your skin, don’t let them go for something overhyped.

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