Skiing: equipment and benefits of a mountain sport that everyone likes 

If skiing on the slopes has always been your hobby, so much so that you have also tried the ski transfer service, the time has come to try ski-mountaineering. It is a sporting activity that will almost certainly satisfy you for a variety of reasons.

First of all it takes you away from the queues at the chairlift and from the crowded refuges to bring you into contact with the mountains, in the midst of the most unspoiled nature. Ski mountaineering is an activity that cannot be improvised because it requires technical preparation, physical training and specific equipment.


Lightness, strength and maneuverability are the basic requirements for a ski touring ski. The ski must be soft to float on fresh snow and to be easily maneuverable. On the other hand, the softness of the ski can be a negative factor in the presence of harder or uneven snow, because it would cause annoying vibrations and reduce its grip. Today, the main ski manufacturers have in any case reached a good compromise for these needs which are so distant from each other. From the point of view of the equipment, each ski mountaineering ski binding consists of a heel lift device, which not only reduces the flexion of the ankles in the steepest stretches, but also makes the progress phase more skilled.

So here you will have the sensation of moving towards a less inclined terrain. In short, a good way to make less effort! As for skiing, the poles must be chosen by checking that, holding the pole and planted on the side of the ski, the forearm placed vertically forms a right angle with your arm.


The answer can only be positive. There are many reasons why it would be worthwhile to prepare properly and try to make a first ski-mountaineering outing, preferably in company. First of all, it is an activity that gives you the full enjoyment of the best aspects of the mountain. Imagine making your progressive ascent at a controlled pace through spruce and larch forests. Do not overlook the peace and the sense of tranquility that you can find at high altitude, away from the slopes crowded with skiers and snowboarders. I don’t appreciate the bliss of feeling the absolute master of the world.

But ski touring is not just a good anti-stress method. If the activity is shared with friends and mountain enthusiasts, it can be an opportunity to spend beautiful days on the summit, savoring typical local dishes and enjoying a little relaxation after having refreshed.

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