Kids Fashion Trends to Follow In 2020

As we are entering the 4th industrial revolution, not only our current generation but our younger generation, including teens, have also become significantly advanced and technology savvy. Due to utilising technology and gadgets, the kids of today are fully aware of the latest trends and fashion regardless of their age and gender. The kids of our generation who are termed as generation Z or iGens are not only making choices for what they want to eat but also about what they want to wear. Although fashion trends are continuously changing in every era, however, there are few trends which become identical to some age.

While there is a variety of fashion trends available for kids nowadays, there are various trendy and stylish options which are available all over the outlets of famous brands. However keeping in view the busy schedule of parents nowadays, they usually tend to shop for their kids online. As there are several options available online, the most attractive are the ones which are providing some discounts in the form of baby clothes sale. They are not only providing trendy and stylish options to choose from but also offering them at reasonable prices, which makes them unique and attractive from others.

There are several trendy options available for girls and boys, which were popular in 2019 and will continue in the year 2020; some of them are as follows:

Customised apparel

Whether we talk about babies or grown-up kids, the customised or letter was written apparel is an all-time favourite for kids. Either the rompers for toddlers or t-shirts for grown-ups, a catchy line is always a trendy and stylish thing which is most popular these days. The attractive lines like, “blessed with the best mommy” or “Strong boy just like daddy” etc. are cute as well as a trendy feature nowadays for the kid’s apparel.

Use of Fictional characters

The young kids and teens of today are extremely smart, and they want their choices to be considered whenever you are opting for shopping. They usually do not like boring or plain colour dresses; instead, they are more inclined towards the dresses which display their favourite characters such as Superman, Spiderman, Barbie, Elsa, Cinderella and so on. These fictional characters are extremely special and adored by the young kids, and they prefer choosing the brands which have several options available for them in the form of fictional characters.

Fancy Gowns

Gowns for young girls have always been popular, but keeping in view the increased trend of Birthday parties, baby showers and other festivities, the trend of wearing gowns has emerged more than ever. The young girls, either of toddler age or in teenage, usually go for long, ethereal and fancy gowns when it comes to their school graduation parties, friend’s birthday or their birthday function. Thus the trend of Fancy gown is also a huge trend to be followed as it is expected to increase more in 2020.

Animal prints

Another fashion trend which is popular with kids is the use of animal prints on their dresses. The most popular trend these days is having unicorn or zebra prints, usually in the apparel of young girls or teenagers. Not only the kids of today are more animal-friendly, but they also want their favourite pet or animal print reflecting on their dresses. Therefore, this trend has also become one of the most famous trends of the year 2020.

Hoodies and trousers

The trend of hoodies has become significantly popular in the kids nowadays as they can carry them easily, and they are pleasant and appealing in almost all weathers. There are a huge variety of hoodies available online, which can be customised with the name of kids as well as having the name of their favourite football players.

Sneakers with Jeans

Sneakers are the most “In” thing nowadays, and almost every kid needs to have multiple pair of sneakers to wear with their favourite couple of jeans and t-shirts. Jeans which has always been in fashion has become favourite again in kids with a slight variation as nowadays the jeans which are used are mostly baggy and lose style and tighter jeans are no more in fashion. Thus to offer your child a trendy pair of jeans, you must opt for trendy denim which is loosely fitted with their favourite pair of sneakers, and they are going to love it.


The Jumpsuits have also become the latest trend for the year 2020, as the kids, especially girls of teenage, are mostly seen wearing these apparels as they are trendy, fashionable as well as easy to carry. Be it dressing for a picnic or a beach party; the girls are inclined to wear colourful, lined or zipped jumpsuits which make them look attractive as well as smart.


The use of accessories has also become one of the emerging trends during the year 2019 and is expected to grow in the year 2020. The use of watches, headbands, hand-cuffs, caps or bag-packs, to name a few. These accessories have become a necessary take away for the kids of Generation Z. The kids who are savvier with fashion sense do not consider their dressing complete without accompanying them with their favourite accessories.


Thus it can be summarised, that the next generation kids are extremely smart and intelligent and they have a sufficient amount of fashion sense. Thus the parents of today need to be geared up with the knowledge of all the current trends related to fashion and dress codes, to stay updated with “what’s in” and “What’s Out”. Moreover, it is also important to note that some fashion trends are for all seasons and some trends are seasonal, which is the reason parents must lookup for what trends will be suitable for winters and what will be effective in summers. Being updated and synced with the current fashion and trends will make your kids confident and able to express themselves fully in this dynamic and ever-challenging world.

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