How to pick the right backpack for the rainy season?

Backpacks are a good & useful medium for carrying necessary things while keeping your hands free. If you are planning to buy a Backpack for rainy days. Here are a few tips that ensure you make a smart purchase while surfing the internet for a rains backpack.

  1. Waterproof – while buying a backpack one of the most important factors to check is that it is waterproof, as not only do we store valuables inside like laptops and cameras but also clothes which when wet become unfit to be worn. If you buy a Backpack for rainy days, firstly check that the backpack is waterproof this will help you keep your items moisture free and ready for use.
  2. Material- Backpack should be made from good materials to ensure it stays unaffected from rainwater and dries quickly. The material should be water-resistant and able to stand minimal wear when in use, Nylon, polyester & plastic made Backpack should be preferred.
  3. Size- Backpack size should be medium or regular size to ensure you are comfortable walking on rainy roads. This also depends on your requirement and your capabilities, if you feel you can carry a full 60 liters bag up a hill while trekking then do not hesitate in going for one.
  4. Compartment- Backpacks should feature at least two main compartments, one for necessary items and the other for wet items. Along with two main compartments, it should have side pockets, a water bottle slot, an internal pocket (for mobile phones) camera compartment, and a shoe compartment. Some backpacks also have extra space for a raincoat or a small size umbrella.
  5. Straps- Backpack straps should be strong enough to bear heavy loads while also being adjustable. Straps should not be slippery on raincoats and should be wide enough to distribute the weight of the bag over a certain area of the shoulder and not sink in like a rope.
  6. Waist belt- The backpack should have an adjustable waist belt to distribute Backpack weight and additional comfort and support. This is especially necessary in cases of large ones that can weigh as much as 20 to 30kgs when fully loaded.
  7. Lid Pocket- A lid pocket should be attached to a backpack which can be accessed without opening the backpack, this can be used to store items that have to be used frequently like your mobile phones or keys.
  8. Zipper- Backpack with lockable zippers increases the safety,the zippers however should be sturdy enough to withstand minimum poking and not give way.
  9. Backpack cover- Backpacks should have an additional waterproof bag cover that can increase the safety from the elements bywaterproofing the backpack,also saving items from getting wet due to rainwater.
  10. Extra handle- A Backpack should feature an additional handle on the top which makes it easier to carry around while not on your shoulders, this comes in handy especially when you are in hurry and don’t have time to put it on your back. Ask someone leaving a cab who is late for their flight and you will find out just how useful this turns out to be.


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