Whether you are dressing up for an office or an event, it is indeed the most challenging thing to do. It requires so much effort that most people end up choosing simplicity and comfort over fancy and heavy dresses. This is not just a one day job but demands you to be prepared at least a week before. First and foremost, you need to decide your outfit, and brands like realisation par dress can help you do that. It can’t be just any dress. There is much to consider, for example, the theme and style of the event. After you have an idea of what you want, the next step is to imagine the overall look.

There is, of course, the matter of an endless wave of questions. How does it look on me? Will it be able to compliment my body shape? Will I be able to pull off this look? What if everything goes opposite to what I imagined it to be? What if I ended up looking like a clown in comparison to others? How are others dressing up? Are they going for simple options? What if I look overdressed? And so much more.

These thoughts are not going anywhere until you enter the venue. So be calm and decide to create your look by your preferences, comfort, and, of course, a little bit of research can pay off hugely. Here are some great ways to decide your look. Let’s delve into this process and find out some great wardrobe secrets:

What’s the dress code?

Dressing up has always been associated with women. However, we need to understand that it has nothing to do with any gender. It should be a matter of concern for all of us. How you dress up in your daily life and especially for an event, tells so much about your personality. You feel confident if you are dressed well for a day. Therefore, the first place to start is by getting rid of all the misconceptions. Next comes the work of looking for an outfit.

First and foremost, what is the dress code? Find out if you have to dress up for a wedding or a charity event. You can play with your look. But make sure that you do not cross the line between classy casual and funky casual. As there is a very thin line between both and most people tend to misunderstand it.

Sadly with corporate events, the options are minimal. The safest option is to go for an all-black look, both for men and women. However, it is not mandatory, and you can always do a little bit of experimentation with the look, especially with the cuts. For example, a formal vest can make you look overdressed, so how about adding some colors to your three-piece and combining it with the jeans.

For girls, gowns seem to be the only option, but a black three-piece combined with a gold silk shirt can work aswell.

Available options for formal gatherings:

Let’s be real. You do not have all the options in the world. Sometimes, there is a budget issue, and sometimes there is a matter of non-availability or other short timings. Begin your preparations by checking your wardrobe. See what is available.

Indeed it is very boring to wear the same clothes. But it can save you a lot of money and time. The most common options for formal gatherings like fundraisers, trade shows, conferences, festivals, college parties, and educational workshops are a black dress or jeans with a formal top. These outfits can never fail you. They are classy yet readily available.

How to recreate old looks:

Are you bored of wearing the same dress over and over? Here are some simple ways to recreate the already done looks. If you are deciding to wear a black three-piece, then try to combine it with a silver-plated t-shirt. Men can add some new ties and pocket squares to their outfits.

Additionally, try wearing a hairstyle that you have never done before. This gives you a much-awaited makeover. Such little upgrades are the essence of any look. They are responsible for doing what most outfits cannot, even a new one.

Accessories are necessary:

Being simple is the new fashion statement. However, it does not mean that you put zero effort. You can wear nude makeup, a single but classic piece of jewelry that goes with the outfit and footwear that best complements your overall look. Beware of making any fashion blunders, like wearing flats with a short gown. It would only look awkward and inappropriate. Whereas kitten heels, in this case, can make you look elegant and stylish. Moreover, if you are planning to wear some solid colors, then make sure to wear some light-colored heels and jewelry.

For men, if they are going for blue denim jeans and a sleeveless blazer, then they can combine it with formal loafers instead of sneakers or Skechers.

Components of Formal dressing for both men and women:

Black tie events require tuxedos for men and formal gowns for women. Formal dress-up requires cufflinks, pocket squares, ties, and dress shirts to be in line with each other. If you are planning to wear a blue suit, then make sure to combine it with either brown or maroon shades.

On the other hand, if women are deciding to do some experimentation with their look by opting for a casual blouse with a long skirt, then they need to make sure that they have suitable accessories planned like pearl earrings, a watch, or some trendy head accessories to tie their hair in a bun or a ponytail.

Final Word

“Be yourself and be unique.” You have often heard of such statements whenever asked for advice on clothes and looks. But this is not entirely true. Being yourself is a good thing, but it should be done according to some rules. Otherwise, you are like a fish out of water, one who is out of place because they don’t know how to dress up or socialize. This can damage your aura, especially if you are going to attend any work-related event. Give yourself ample time to decide between the colors and cuts. If the dress code is set and demands you to wear a tuxedo, then go with it. But you can accessorize it any way you want. This way, you can be yourself yet in line with the theme.

So, stick with these tips and enjoy your time dressing up.

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