Fobus Holster Guide

Fobus is an Israeli holster manufacturer that makes polymer-based holsters. They have specialized in outside the waistband holsters for more than 35 years.

Materials and Specifications

Fobus holsters are made from molded, injected polymer. Polymer is water and weather-resistant. It holds up better to sun and sweat than leather. Polymer holsters are also lighter than leather holsters. Leather can cause wear marks on the finish of some weapons. Polymer is less prone to marking guns. Polymer holsters are more adjustable than leather. The rigid form of polymer holsters makes it easier to re-holster your weapon because it doesn’t collapse while empty like many leather or fabric holsters.

Use With Open Carry

The retention system on Fobus holsters makes it more difficult for a criminal trying to steal your weapon to acquire it when you are in an open carry state. Additionally, the weather-resistant nature of the holster makes it better for outdoor use in all weather conditions. Some models include a design that enhances draining so that if your gun gets wet, it will dry out faster. Additionally, the retention system makes it easier to get in and out of vehicles, hunting blinds or tree stands without worrying about your gun coming loose.

Range and Competition Use

These holsters are popular with many gun owners for range use. The lightweight, adjustable retention makes these holsters a good choice for competitive shooting. The company offers a complete line of regulation holsters that can be used in many types of gun sports.


These holsters are easy to clean and maintain and show little wear even after getting wet or being left in hot conditions. Their durability and low price-point make them a good option for gun owners on a budget.

Fobus holsters are not a perfect choice for every gun owner, but their benefits make them worth considering. If you need a lightweight, weather-resistant, adjustable holster, consider giving these holsters a try.

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