Few Coat Styles You Should Try This Winter

With the temperature falling by theday, the typical evening outings with friends and loved ones are being replacedwith relaxing afternoon luncheons and your favourite beer. Winter is finallyhere and so are this year’s trendy men’s winter coats.

Okay, it is going to be a blow to your pocket that is for sure as winter wear tend to be a bit on the pricier side of things. That being said isn’t it worth it after all your winter wear will keep you from freezing in the end?

Okay, enough introductory words. Let us now take a look at a few coat styles you should try this winter:

Parka Coat

It is considered the best winter wear by many from all parts of the world – especially where outside temperatures tend to stay below the freezing point. When you invest in a great Parka Coat, you are ensuring that you will be warm no matter how bad it gets outside.

Be it mountaineers, explorers out in the Antarctic Region or those who live in the coldest parts of the Earth, they never fail to sing praises for a good Parka.

Features to look for

It is best to go for a Parka that has a water-repelling outer layer – typically made using polyester. Polyester is known for its resistance to wear and tear which makes it a great feature in your Parka if you want it to last for years to come. Make sure that the coat has a nylon lining and stuffed with responsibly sourced feathers or other insulating material that will keep you warm.


It is the best example of military excellence when it comes to dressing their soldiers in clothes that keep them warm and appear smart. Invest in a pea coat which was conceptualised and manufactured back in the day exclusively for dressing navy officers stationed in the chilly waters.

Features to look for

Make sure that the pea coat you invest in is made using pure wool. It should be cropped properly as it should be when it was made for military personnel. It should be equipped with broad lapels and should have a double-breasted design.

Chore Coat

Originally designed for keeping members in a workforce doing their duties out in the cold from the chill, a chore coat is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that can handle rough treatment for years to come.

Features to look for

The chore coat should be made using a thick canvas of 100 % pure cotton and equipped with large pockets. The overall outlook of a chore coat is a bit boxy and typically oversized. If the contoured fitting is what you are looking for, forget that as for a chore coat it is all about utility. An ideal chore coat should also sport water-repelling feature.

Winter is often associated with gloomy evenings and long lazy days. That is not the case if you have the right outfit while you head out.  On top of that, the current fashion industry is taking all the right measures to make sure that people can flaunt their taste even when it is freezing outside. Take your pick from the coat styles mentioned above or let us know your favourite style in the comments section below.

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