Combination of art and faith-Jewish star jewelry

Jewelry is almost an essential part of every style. From representing the taste and style to finishing with various symbolic meanings, jewelry has many roles. Jewish jewelry has not a decorative role, but it also reflects and discloses the spiritual and faithful roots of Jewish traditions. Every single jewelry design has special meanings and symbolically it brings good luck, happiness, health, and wealth.

Jewish jewelry is a combination of fashion, culture, and heritage. Star of David, Evil eye, Mezuzah, Kabbalah are the famous Jewish jewelry items associated with Judaism. The geometrical shapes stand for spiritual and religious meanings and by adding a touch of innovation it can be transformed into a masterpiece with vintage attraction.

NANO JEWELRY offers unique jewish pendant at, with our modern Nanotechnology we create unique designs that represent Jewish traditions and history as well. Our specialized collection is made of beautiful and unique gifts for him and her that include prayer for peace gifts, Jewish star necklace, and Jewish charm including g Shema. In addition to it, we have spiritual jewelry arranged with sefirot of the Jewish Kabballah for more mystical Jewish traditions.

A wide array of NANO JEWELRY products can make a wonderful gift to someone special or yourself. Whether it is a gold plated necklace with 72 names of God, Ana Bekoach gold necklace, or star-shaped Shema Yisrael white gold necklace you have an irresistible collection of items to select from unique Jewish pendants at

We use a unique imprint technology on Zirconium, Onyx, and other precious stones with very high resolution. The inscribed messages and prayers can be easily viewed by magnifying glass and microscope. At first glance, you see a Judaic themed item, but on closer interaction, the appropriate message and prayers appear in great precision. Giving Jewish jewelry gifts to your family, friends, and loved ones are thoughtful; it helps keep them together and in touch with their Jewish roots, faith, rituals, and beliefs.


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