Colored Lash Extensions: Ideas to Amplify Your Costume

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Halloween isn’t just for trick-or-treating kids or horror fans anymore. In today’s beauty culture, the holiday has become an opportunity to put your talent and creativity on full display. Whether you’re going to a Halloween house party or a spooky bar crawl, you want to make sure your look stands out from the crowd. Colored lash extensions, offered through a professional lash extension service, are a great way to amplify your costume. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some costumes to take to the next level with colored lashes:

Spooky Doll

Dolls have both the spooky factor and beauty possibilities. Think of this costume like a glam Annabelle. Find a victorian inspired dress, but make it unique with touches of bright colors – namely your makeup. The color palette for this costume is unlimited. Hot pink, flashy purple, trendy turquoise – choose one color or go for a mixed effect. You can also consider choosing a color to compliment your own eye color or colored contacts.

Pretty Peacock

Peacocks are known for their elegance and pride. Replicate their look with a peacock inspired Halloween costume this year. Ask you stylist for voluminous blue lashes to match a printed top and a fluffy skirt. Be sure to stop by your local craft stop to stock up on peacock feathers to hot glue onto your costume. This easy, DIY costume will make you the star of the flock.

Mystical Mermaid

Make your lashes as green as Ariel’s tail with beautiful green colored lash extensions. Find a fire engine red wig to emulate the famous Little Mermaid or create your own unique mermaid look with different color combos. If you prefer to make your own costume, try gluing seashells from a craft store onto the bodice of a shape wear garment. Then, for the tail, find a sequin skirt – preferably a form fitting one for real mermaid vibes!

Sugar Skull

Inspired by the famous Day of the Dead skulls, this is the perfect costume for makeup lovers. You can use specialty products like face paint or even what you already have in your makeup bag. However, colored lash extensions will make you the most glamorous sugar skull around. Try red in order to pay homage to the traditional skulls in Mexican culture. Add as many adornments as you like including feathers and beads.

80s Glam Rocker

Throwback culture is bigger than ever, so why not recreate the glam rock look with your costume? When it comes to the 80s, bigger is always better! With that being said, colored lash extensions are the perfect finishing touch for dramatic beauty. Pink or purple or any neon color will make your eyes pop in a day-glow style. Fortunately, 80s fashion has made a comeback so you’ll have no trouble finding a flashy dress with a studded jean jacket.

Selena’s Lash Studio is Your Colored Lash Extension Destination

The stylists at Selena’s Lash Studio love getting creative with colored lash extensions. Don’t make a mess with lash glue and uncomfortable falsies this Halloween. The luxury experience at Selena’s will save you time so you can enjoy as much of the Halloween festivities as possible. New to eyelash extensions? Read our blog to get the details about maintaining clean eyelash extensions and more!

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