Clean and maintain your magnetic lashes

Magnetic eyelashes are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to glued extensions and falsies. These magnetic eyelashes don’t require any adhesive or mess to clean, you’ll have an easier time cleaning them, and they’ll last longer. Magnetic eyelashes rely on eyeliner to keep their grip on your eyes, and this liner may be a significant source of contamination. Also, if you want to use excess mascara, that’s something else you should clean.

How to clean magnetic lashes?

Drama Llama provides you beautiful, durable, and quality tiny baby llamas to give you a natural voluminous lash look. Magnetic eyelashes are unique since they can be reused so easily. They last longer than conventional fake lashes since they don’t become gummed up with glue, and they’re also easier to apply than traditional false lashes.

Why are magnetic lashes more durable than common falsies?

Magnetic lashes are more durable than glue-on lashes since they are attached magnetically. As well as being unpleasant and difficult to remove, lash glue is also a factor that might cause damage to your eyelashes if you remove them. As soon as the glue-on lashes are removed, the curl and even the lashes themselves begin to lose their form.

Clean your magnetic tiny baby llamas carefully!

In this blog post, we share with you the proper technique to clean these magnetic eyelashes. Magnets in tiny baby llamas are not so harsh, but that does not mean yanking them off your eyes cannot spoil them!

Cleaning the magnetic lashes involves two steps:

  1. Cleaning magnetic lashes
  2. Cleaning the clear magnetic eyeliner

How to remove magnetic lashes?

You have to detach your magnetic eyelashes from the sides. Every tiny baby llama has five micro magnets attach to it, so pull one corner at a time and draw them towards your mouth by pulling downwards on them. As a result, the five tiny magnets are uniformly detached. Do not pull them out of your eyes with a straight yank. If you do this, it will not only be uncomfortable but may also shorten the lifespan of your magnetic lashes.

How to remove precise magnetic eyeliner?

The precise magnetic eyeliner may also be adjusted or touched up using the same method. You can take out and put the lash on real quick throughout the day.

Keeping your eyelashes clean is important, but so is extending their life. When eyeliner is removed, the magnetic connections are left intact for future usage and may be reused. So when the next time you use eyeliner, previous eyeliner residue creates a barrier between the lash magnet and the eyeliner. If they are not cleared, dust and dirt damage the magnetic connections.

How often should you clean your magnetic lashes?

Cleansing is recommended at least every two usages of magnetic lashes. Though everything still appears to be relatively clean, every time you use the product, there is a small amount of dust and eyeliner. You may find that if you use mascara on your natural lashes, it will transfer to your magnetic falsies.

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