Camo Kilt For Rough And Tough Use

A kilt is the traditional dress of Scotland. The highlanders started wearing this dress in the 16th century. In the beginning, kilts were only worn by the males, but later, they became famous in women too. Now there are different types of kilts available out there for both men and women. If you are planning to wear a kilt, then Camo kilt is a great option to start with.

What is a Camo kilt?

Camouflage kilt is quite a popular kilt, which gives you an elegant look. For those who don’t know, Camouflage is a pattern intended for use while hunting. This pattern keeps the wearer largely visible from beings while hunting.

The best thing about this kilt is that you can wear it anywhere, no matter you are going hunting or not. It is made from high-quality materials, so; you do not feel uncomfortable. You can wear it in day to day life as well.

Camouflage kilt is designed to sit comfortably on your hips. It is available in different sizes so that you can find the right fit. Also, choose a color you like the most as it is available in different colors too.

Types of Camo kilts:

Here are a few types of Camouflage kilts available out there:

  • Army camouflage kilt:

It is a kilt that gives you a manly look. It is an army camouflage kilt, but it does not mean that you can wear it only if you are a member of an army regiment. Army camouflage kilt looks attractive and stunning. Also, it is comfortable to wear no matter how long you wear it.

  • British military camouflage kilt:

It has a bold khaki print on it, which gives it a look of army kilt. But the camo commando kilt is designed to be worn at work as it is super comfortable to wear. Pockets on both sides provide you enough space to store items such as mobile phones and wallets etc. The hooks attached to the kilts are heavy-duty.

  • Women’s Camo kilt:

Women were not allowed to wear a kilt in the beginning. But later, women also started wearing this skirt-like garment. They can choose the length as per their wish. The pockets attached with the kilt make it a perfect dress to wear at work. It comes with an adjustable waist feature.

Final verdict: 

No matter you have Scottish ancestors or not, you are allowed to wear a kilt. But what you have to do is to make sure that you do not offend any scot. Wear it with pride and respect as it is the national dress of Scotland, and it is a sacred piece of garment for them.

If you are going to wear it for the first time, then rehearse a few times before wearing a kilt at an event. You need to learn how to sit in the car, walk, and stand while wearing a kilt. Make sure that you buy the right fit as a loose kilt would make you feel uncomfortable all the time.

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