Best Kentucky Derby Hats to Wear to the Races

If you’re headed to the Kentucky Derby or you’re just planning to attend a great Derby Day party, there are a few things you’re going to need. The first thing on your list should be a mint julep. The second should be a fabulous Kentucky Derby hat.

A Classic Tradition

An extravagant hat has been a rule of Derby dressing ever since the race’s founder, Meriwether Lewis Clark, began hosting the event in 1872. Clark wanted to elevate horse racing in America, turning it into a high-society event the way it was in Europe. He began by asking his visitors to wear their finest duds, and the hat tradition was born.

Although fashions have come and gone, two styles of hat have remained the most common at the Kentucky Derby. These are sun hats and fascinators. In the 1960s, women wore huge, outrageous versions of these styles. Later on, the styles became more elegant. Today, almost anything goes.

Tradition is an important part of the derby, and hats are an important part of that tradition. Don’t be the one to drop the ball! You can buy Kentucky Derby hats that have all the sass and sophistication you want.

Holiday Hats Work, Too

If you want a gorgeous hat that you can wear to church or other special events, you can find one that will also work for your Kentucky Derby.

You can buy any hat that’s designed to be worn on special holidays. Easter hats are often dramatic and beautiful, and also make great Derby Day hats.


A fascinator is a popular item at the Kentucky Derby. If you’d prefer to wear a fascinator, you can find one that suits your style. Fascinator hats are ideal for the woman who doesn’t mind being the center of attention.

A fascinator is usually smaller than a large Kentucky Derby or Easter sun hat, but it is no less dramatic. It usually sits on the side of the head and includes attention-getting accessories.

You can find a high-style, modern or bridal-style fascinator that’s perfect for the Derby or any other occasion.

Get Ready in Style

The Kentucky Derby is a great occasion to show off your best outfits and your most stunning hats. Whether you’re going to the race of watching it at a party, you’ll look your best in a new hat.

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