5 Reasons to Hope Skinny Pants for Men Are Going Away

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If you have some time to kill and want to explore a strangely controversial subject, do an online search on the question of whether men should wear skinny jeans. You will find passionate opinions on both sides of the debate. Could the trend be on its way out? Here’s hoping it is.

Skinny pants for men are not limited to jeans only. Men bold enough to do so can wear skinny dress pants. Some styles even have pleats and cuffs. The boldest among the bold pair their skinny dress pants with suit coats that are just a size too small. The whole thing is quite bizarre.

Maybe the skinny pants thing for men is going away as men return to more loose-fitting pants for both casual and formal dress. If you are not sure what to think about skinny pants on men, here are five reasons to hope the trend is dying out:

1. It’s Not a Good Formal Look

Salt Lake City’s GC Tech recently published a couple of blog posts talking about the skinny pants thing. One of the points they made is that skinny pants don’t look good for formal occasions. They are not a good look for business executives, attorneys, physicians, etc. They just aren’t.

For the record, GC Tech makes waterproof shoe covers for men. Imagine a pair of expensive dress shoes protected by state-of-the-art shoe covers worn by a man also wearing skinny dress pants. His feet would be the most notable feature of his body. They would draw all the attention. Not good.

2. It is Not a Good Look Any Time

You could make the case that professional men can get away with skinny outside the office. They can rock skinny jeans with the best of them when out clubbing or shopping. But skinny jeans don’t look very good on men visiting the hardware store or hiking in the mountains. Suffice it to say that the skinny look isn’t a good look a lot of the times.

3. Skinny Pants Are Uncomfortable

Though this next point – that skinny pants are uncomfortable for men – is a matter of personal preference, some 50% of the 2,000 British men surveyed by TENA Men reported experiencing gro in discomfort. Some 25% reported bladder problems and 20% a twisted testicle.

Men just don’t have the physique to pull off skinny pants safely and comfortably. Risking one’s reproductive health isn’t worth it just to be in line with someone else’s perception of style.

4. Skinny Pants Limit Movement

In addition to being uncomfortable and potentially unsafe, skinny pants also limit one’s movement. That may be okay for men who sit in a chair all day and do nothing (although even that is debatable) but most men do not live that way. Heck, most people don’t live that way. We have to get up and move around at some point. We have to walk, bend, twist, and turn. We have to use our pockets, too. Skinny pants just make it all more difficult.

5. There Are Better Things to Wear

The fifth reason says it all: there are better things to wear. It would be one thing if the world were suffering a global fabric shortage and all pants had to be made skinny in order to preserve limited resources. But this is not the case. Loose-fitting pants are a dime a dozen.

Some men prefer skinny pants. Others don’t. What you wear is your business. But a lot of us are hoping that the skinny pants trend, at least for men, is fading away.

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