5 Myths About Eyelash Extensions Debunked

set of extended eyelashes

If you’re researching eyelash extensions, congratulations. You are one step closer to a revolution for your beauty routine. Drop that eyelash adhesive and those falsies because your application will keep you set for seamless glamor. However, you may have stumbled across some misleading information about eyelash extensions. Fortunately, we’re here to give you the real deal. Here are some of the most common myths we’re ready to debunk:

Eyelash Extensions Will Damage My Natural Lashes

No one wants to damage any of their natural beauty features. Fortunately, this myth is just that – a myth. Professional lash stylists at your local eyelash studio will be using techniques and safe products to ensure the safety of your natural lashes. In fact, at Selena’s Lash Studio, Selena and her team specifically focus on keeping the natural lash healthy and protected from damage.

The Application Process is Uncomfortable

If your eyelash extensions are applied correctly by a trained stylist, the application process should never be uncomfortable. At Selena’s Lash Studio, we like to think of the process as a luxury spa experience. In fact, many clients are so relaxed during application that they fall asleep. Who doesn’t love a good power nap? We strive to help everyone feel their best before, during, and after the process.

Extensions are One Size Fits All

If you’ve applied false eyelashes you know that some falsies require adjustments to fit your specific eye size and shape. When it comes to eyelash extensions, they are customized specifically for your eyes. Therefore, your lashes may not appear 100 percent identical to a friend’s. However, the bottom line is both of you will walk away with beautiful, full lashes. A stylist can assist you in choosing extensions ideal for your desired look and occasion.

You Can’t Get Your Extensions Wet

Don’t worry about this myth. You’ll still be able to enjoy a normal shower with eyelash extensions. However, you’ll need to wait about 48 hours after the application. Once that period is over do not feel hesitant about washing your face. Regular lash cleanings are important for lash extensions care. Not only will they look better over time, but they will feel better. Just be sure to dab and not rub when drying your face.

Extensions are an Easy DIY Project

This myth is false and potentially dangerous. Eyelash extensions should never be applied by someone without proper training. We love getting creative too, but there is a level of safety involved that requires experienced professionals. Selena’s Lash Studio follows strict standards of education and practice to make this a reality for clients.

Selena’s Lash Studio Practices the Highest Standards with the Finest Quality Eyelash Extensions

We consider eyelash extensions an art form that needs to be performed with the utmost skill. Whether you have a special event coming up or just want to add some glamor into your daily routine, Selena and her team are lash artists are here to help. Book an eyelash appointment today!


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