5 Beauty Trends this Spring

Spring is officially in full swing and it’s time to retire your heavy winter layers and dark, vampy makeup. If you want to update your beauty look to suit the season, read on to learn more about five of the hottest spring beauty trends this year:


Beautiful Glowing Skin

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you pile on; makeup can only do so much to hide bad skin. To truly achieve the look of beautiful, glowing skin, you need to actually take good care of your skin. Start with a solid skincare routine, with natural beauty products from a brand like https://www.wellwithinbeauty.com/ that will nourish and care for your skin from within.


The most important things to do to get your skin in its best condition are to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate. Well Within Beauty make organic skincare products and plant based cosmetics that will help you effectively complete these three steps. Their Polish + Resurface Detox Exfoliant in particular will boost your skin’s ability to renew itself and shed dead skin cells, revealing beautiful, glowing new skin underneath.


Flushed Cheeks

Rosy, flushed cheeks steal the spotlight from strong contour and flat matte foundations this spring. This gives the impression of youthfulness and dainty femininity. To achieve this look, blend a soft pink blush over the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Cream blushes are your best bet if you want to get the most natural effect.


To really tie the whole look together, consider using the same cream blush on your eyelids as a fuss-free eye shadow and on your lips, then finish off with brushed up brows and plenty of mascara for fanned out lashes.


Choppy Bob

Fuss-free is key when it comes to hairstyles this spring. Say goodbye to high maintenance hairstyles that require tons of blow-drying or bottles of styling product. The choppy bob is one of the most popular hairstyles this spring, and it is extremely versatile and suits a wide variety of face shapes. This style looks especially breezy with naturally curly or wavy hair. You can have it fall above or below your chin and incorporate subtle layers—the point is to look like you’re not trying too hard and give off an effortless vibe.


Rose Gold Highlighter

Because this season is all about the glow, bring out your favourite highlighters and amp up the shimmer and shine! The trendiest shade of highlighter at the moment is rose gold—it gives off the prettiest sparkle, and looks great on pretty much any skin tone. Sweep it across your cheekbones, your cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose, or even on your eyelids for a fresh, flattering radiance.


Dressy Denim

Ripped and tattered jeans are on their way out. This season is all about dressy denim pieces that feature impeccable tailoring, intricate embroidery, or even fancy beadwork or bejewelled pockets. A pair of “fancy” jeans can be surprisingly versatile, and is easy enough to dress down with a plain white t-shirt and sandals, or ready to party with a silky camisole top and heels.


All in all, this season is about laidback, relaxed and natural beauty that requires minimum effort but gives off a really fun vibe. Experiment to find out which trends work for you, and play around with the clothes and makeup that you already own to see how you can incorporate them into your new spring looks.

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