Why You Need a Nursing Bra


Childbirth comes along with numerous body changes in a woman’s body such as breast changes. Lactating mothers require some nursing clothes that facilitate breastfeeding. These specialized clothes are masterfully made with femininity and comfort in mind.

A nursing bra offers maximum support for a lactating mum and allows comfortable breastfeeding. They are designed differently than regular bras. They have a clasp that enables release of the cup to expose breasts during breastfeeding. Therefore, mothers do not have to remove the bra while feeding their babies.

Why not wear regular bras? A regular bra will not stretch to support the changing body. Nursing bras are designed for that purpose for all-day comfort. They feature a wide back band, strong straps, good cup coverage and top cup stretch to support the heavy bust. Nursing bras have an adjuster to allow growth in ribcage and breasts.

Regular bras have no room for ribcage growth. They also have a metal underwire that should never be put on during nursing. The underwire could put pressure on the underlying tender tissue and milk ducts which can cause milk flow blockage resulting in clogged milk ducts.

Nursing bras have numerous benefits. They give your body a natural shape. A proper nursing bra holds the breast in shape. This reduces sagging effects eventually. It gives you a lovely natural shape, smoothening out any faults to create a flattering look.

Nursing bras feature soft cups to offer comfort. The material of the lining is cotton which is absorbent, allows proper air circulation and smooth against the body to reduce sensitivity caused by rubbing against rough fabric. Nursing bras prevent breast swelling and aches which can be very discomforting.

Shy to breastfeed in public? A nursing bra enables discreet breastfeeding which is incredibly convenient. The removable pad and wide straps make it so efficient. You can comfortably breastfeed from any place without hassle.

Since your breasts are filled with milk, they are heavier. The bras you wore previously will not support the weight well. Nursing bras give the additional support required to prevent sagged breasts. A nursing bra will help you overcome unnecessary strains, impaired posture, and possible tension headaches.

Breastfeeding makes breasts very tender and sensitive. Stitches and seams around the areola may irritate the breasts. Nursing bras feature concealed seams to minimize the possibility of chafing.

There are nursing bras that you can sleep in. It should be seamless, without nursing pads or with multiple layered cups that you may wear with it. Good sleep nursing bras should be stretchy and super soft. These bras are recommendable for the very new mums who need to find their way with empty and full breasts routine.

The new mother experience can be challenging. Wearing beautiful nursing bras could lift your spirits. There is a wide array of nursing bras of different shapes and style. Ensure you check the quality of fabric, tailoring, accessories and exceptional construction when purchasing your bra. This will ensure total function, support, and comfort. Most importantly, ensure you wear a nursing bra that fits correctly.

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