Types of Custom Suit Fabrics

A custom made suit is one designed especially for the person who intends to wear it. Custom suits are like typical ready-to-wear suits with custom blazers and pants. Custom suits are made for men who are attending a formal event such as a wedding. They are also for men wanting to stand out from the crowd in the business world. Before getting the measurements for a custom suit, it’s important to pick the fabric.

Herringbone Worsted is for a Casual Suit

For a man looking for a more casual custom-fitted suit, basic worsted wool is a great option. A herringbone-woven fabric is a lighter fabric and has more casual colors. The look of the fabric depends on the weave design and color.

For example, a finer thread makes the weave design look more elegant. Colors range from blue to light gray and darker colors. One important thing to mention is that herringbone tweed is not the same as herringbone worsted wool.

Gary Flannel Became Popular in the 20th Century

Gary flannel fabric became the standard for wealthy businessmen during the 20th century. It is still the go-to fabric for many businessmen. The fabric isn’t for formal events. It is made of dark worsted wool. The fabric pattern varies from faint gray-on-gray checkered patterns to a solid gray. The thread is soft.

Glenurquhart Plain or Check for a Fabric with More Design

Glenurquhart plain or check is called many things from Prince of Wales check to Glen checks. It’s not a formal fabric, but it’s not limited to any color scheme. The fabric gets its name from the type of large and small check pattern woven into the suit fabric. The pattern lines are slightly uneven because of the dyed lines. Many men who pick this fabric want a custom suit for casual business days like a Friday or casual social business event.

Navy or Charcoal Worsted Wool is the Most Traditional Business Suit Fabric

Most men wanting a traditional custom business suit pick a dark navy blue fabric or charcoal gray fabric. Both are sturdier than other fabrics and have a smoother texture. Also, both colors are a few shades lighter than black. This allows a businessman to wear it to work or a black tie optional event.

The fabric is available in patterns too such as pinstripes. This fabric is constructed with a smooth twill weave on the outside. It also has a plain tight weave.

Picking the Fabrics for a Custom Suit

Another option is the Nailhead fabric. This fabric is business appropriate when colors gray or blue are picked. The weave of Nailhead fabric is made of three types of weave. Together, they make a regular, small pattern. These aren’t all the fabric options for a custom. However, it is a good introduction to the type of fabrics available. The most important thing men should know about suit fabrics is that looking at various fabrics are a starting point to getting the best suit made.


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