Natural Tender Love And Care For Your Baby

Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibility and concern. But there is satisfaction in knowing you are caring for your baby in the best way possible. Natural tender love and care is essential to baby’s growth as it determines future life perceptions. The manner in which a child will relate with others in the future is based on the care given at the early stages of life.

Some of the most fundamental factors that can affect a child’s development are their sleep and parenting. Parenting essentially points to the manner in which nurture a baby. One of the most recommended methods being attachment parenting, which seeks to understand baby’s emotional, physical and psychological needs.

Having said that, let us now look at how to implement these important factors towards showing natural tender love and care for your baby.

Introduce Attachment Parenting When Caring For Your Baby

  • Breastfeeding on demand – Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for infants. And breastfeeding whenever baby wants establishes to the child that you are there for them always.
  • Baby wearing – Nowadays there are things like bubs sling that are great for carrying baby in a natural and instinctive way. The closeness strengthens the bond between baby and mother to ensure they feel loved and secure.
  • Communication – In the early stages babies have very limited means of communication. And to ensure that you understand what they want or what they are communicating, try to always be around the child. This will help you have a solid relationship with a strong bond.

Baby bedding safety

As you think good sleep, you automatically know that the sleeping area must be healthy. To guarantee bedding safety, ensure that you avoid anything that can cause strangulation, smothering and entrapment. With these factors in mind, you will be more informed on what is necessary and what can be avoided.

  • The baby is safer sleeping on a tightly fitted sheet that does not move around. When the baby squirms, the sheet should remain intact on the mattress. Fitted sheets are the safest infant bed sheets that are recommended by all health professionals.
  • Another important safety measure you can implement for your infant is buying a crib appropriate firm mattress. Ensure that the mattress has no indentation when the baby lies on it. By all means, avoid foam mattresses or any other that can increase the risk of death or injury.
  • Again, your main aim is to do everything to prevent endangering your newborn. Therefore things like crib bumpers are not recommended, instead, buy a crib that is designed to prevent head entrapment.
  • Now another question you may have as a newborn mother is whether to cover your infant during sleep. If it is not possible to adjust the room temperature to a level that is comfortable for a newborn, then invest in infant sleep clothing or sleeping sacks. Blankets are never advisable for infants. You can buy them for your baby at a later stage. Remember, you want to keep the baby as safe as you can help it.


It is wiser as an expectant mother to buy things in advance or better yet reuse the ones from your previous child. And ensure that your baby is always fed on fresh and properly prepared food when time comes. Be ready and think of your child before listening to store employees or believing manufactures. Do your research about everything suggested. Ensure that your baby’s safety and health comes as a priority with every purchase you make.


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