Lucrative Jobs in the Cosmetology Field

As the world changes and evolves one thing remains the same, people care about their appearance. Styles and trends are constantly changing. This beauty evolution is kept moving by the cosmetology industry. This lucrative field is thriving. A cosmetology degree could lead to any number of exciting careers.

Hair Stylist

Everyone has hair, but cosmetologists turn it into a work of art. More than just a haircut, it is a style that each client carries with them that helps them express their unique style. This job is in high demand all across the country with openings at a wide variety of salons, store, and spas with the potential to work in high-end beauty parlors or with celebrities.

Makeup Artist

The picture-perfect faces of celebrities, athletes, and models are turned into flawless masterpieces by makeup artists. Through their unique skillset, these artists make anyone look and feel beautiful. This career can be very exciting. People can work onsite for the filming of movies, television shows, and commercials. Photo shoots are another thrilling adventure makeup artists can work on. Finally, special events and weddings are always requiring expertly applied makeup to make them shine.


The appearance and health of the skin is an important part of looking great. An esthetician plays an important role in keeping their client’s skin clear and glowing. They perform treatments for the face and body that are meant to enrich and rejuvenate the skin. This position often deals with hair removal, both laser and depilatory, microdermabrasion, body wraps, and facials.


One of the most fulfilling careers is to share knowledge with the next generation of cosmetologists. Being a professor requires receiving teacher training for cosmetology chicago il. These courses prepare the students to become the teacher while educating them on best practices, teaching skills, and staying current on beauty trends. Passing these skills on is an important job that is rewarding as teachers watch their students go on to become successful in their trade.


This job title encompasses a bit of everything. They will do hair, nails, makeup, and even spa treatments. Beauticians often work in spas or salons and offer a wide variety of services to accent the locations regular offerings. This career often works in retirement and nursing homes making sure these amazing people feel better about themselves.

Making people look and feel beautiful is a satisfying career. The cosmetology field has many different career paths such as hair stylist, makeup artist, esthetician, teacher, and beautician. Each of these jobs is more than just a paycheck they help people look and feel amazing. A visit to a cosmetologist is a boost of confidence, a self-expression of style, a revitalization, and a relaxing experience. People look forward to their beauty services because it means being catered to by talented individuals that will improve their appearance while listening to them as the cosmetologist works. Choose a career in cosmetology to begin a life-long journey of beauty.

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