Things to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is one of the essential fashion items for the female wardrobe. It’s practical, chic and super-comfortable – it highlights all the silhouettes and is easy to wear day and night. It’s important that you know how to choose it. If you’re confused about deciding between shorts or pants, printed or sober, and belted or oversized, discover all our advice to find the ideal combination for you. Learn about what exactly you need to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is one of these essential fashion pieces. It’s easy to wear, classy and comfortable – it provides shade for trendy fall-winter dresses.

Your chic, casual or flowery jumpsuit will bend to all your desires if you avoid making some mistakes. In shorts, pants, or even skirt pants, the combination sublimates all body shapes and sizes. Provided you choose it well and combine it with the right parts and accessories. Discover all our tips for adopting it in style without making a mistake.

Avoid choosing the jumpsuit unsuitable for your body shape

The jumpsuit for women has the advantage of highlighting all the silhouettes. But you still have to choose it well.

If you’re small

In general, forget the pants combination; it is the jumpsuit that suits you best! It is better to opt for a combination model that does not cover well and is well adjusted (a short strapless or with thin straps). On the printed side, prefer small and delicate such as peas, gingham and liberty. To gain height, the jumpsuit pairs with a pair of high heeled sandals.

If you’re rather thin

If you have a slim figure, go for the loose jumpsuit. Or a size above, to play volumes and the offbeat side. The loose cut will highlight your finesse. And since you can (almost) allow yourself everything, it’s time to fall for a model with balloon sleeves, wide or frills to flesh out the silhouette. If you have a small chest, let yourself be seduced by the bustier jumpsuit.

If you’re luscious

Choose a fitted jumpsuit and mark the waist with a belt that accentuates the shapes. Breast and buttocks will be highlighted! The right model must be fluid enough not to mark the curves. With heels to slim the silhouette, you are sure to make a sensation.

If you’re tall

Are you tall? The jumpsuits are ideal for your body shape. They will highlight your long legs. If you are tall and slender, do not hesitate to “break” your long figure by opting for a different print at the top and bottom or a wide model at the bottom and tightened at the top.

Don’t rush while finding your size

Tip: take the time to find your size. There is nothing worse than a too-tight jumpsuit, which crushes the buttocks and tightness. In addition, an “all-in-one” is quickly uncomfortable if it is too small! So, remember to look at yourself in the mirror during the fitting, in front and behind!

Avoid wearing it improperly

The good news is that the jumpsuit is worn all year round. In winter – it is adorned with warmer materials and long sleeves. In summer, it dresses in trendy prints and pretty colors.

For work, the jumpsuit is perfect. Instead, opt for a straight cut and sober colors: navy blue, black, white, beige or gray. But nothing prevents you from putting on high heels in a vitamin color! Wear it with a small blazer and a belt for a chic and casual look.

Casually, the jumpsuit can be worn even if they’re oversize or loose. Play on the streetwear side by betting on a denim jumpsuit, paired with a pair of sneakers.

You can also wear it with a denim jacket or a warm coat. Side shoes, you are spoiled for choice: ankle boots, sandals, high heels, or sneakers

In the evening, take out the big game. A blazer jacket and a pair of pumps and voila. For a chic and elegant evening outfit, think of the little details: lace, V-neck or even halter. And especially not, don’t hesitate to accessorize your combination with jewelry.

Don’t forget to accessorize the jumpsuit well

To feminize the combination, it is essential to accompany it with the right accessories.

Don’t skimp on jewelry for a stylish look. Accumulation of fine bracelets or necklaces or imposing jewels: bring a girly touch to break the “casual blue” side.

Add a belt to adjust the size and give more structure to the slightly loose fit. Without forgetting a trendy bag and why not a banana, for a very “fashion” look.

Don’t shop for a trendy jumpsuit at the wrong place

You’re in luck, the combinations are found everywhere. Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, jumpsuit-panty… There is something for everyone and all styles.

To shop for a stylish jumpsuit at a low price, head to Zara, Mango, H&M and other stores.

Avoid wrongly accessorizing women’s jumpsuit

The woman’s jumpsuit has the advantage of highlighting all the silhouettes. On the other hand, there is only one step between style and fashion.

Let’s recall some basic rules:

  • For short women, we choose a short and fitted jumpsuit.
  • For large and thin, we opt for a loose and fluid cut to bring the volume.
  • For the luscious, long and curved combinations will sublimate your forms.

Always avoid overly tight jumpsuits

We are sure to be stylish with a fitted outfit, a slight neckline and pretty Espadrille. What must be avoided at all costs are the over-tight jumpsuit which is more nude in color. The important thing then is to accessorize it well. For example, to break the slightly too blue working look of certain pants combinations, we add very feminine jewelry, sparkling for a slightly more girly touch.

Avoid wrong combinations

When it comes to shoes, you can afford almost anything. Small sneakers for a very trendy look, or why not boots or moccasins. If you want to slim your silhouette, you choose a pretty pair of pumps!

On the jacket side, keep in mind that you have to mark the size. This is why we prefer small short or fitted jackets. But we do not hesitate to let go with, for example, a small leather is perfect for a glam rock look.

Avoid wearing it on wrong occasions

Have you just added a new jumpsuit to your wardrobe? Are you afraid of not getting enough clothing? Or too laid back? Sometimes just a few accessories are enough to get a sexier and more elegant look.


Know already that you can wear a jumpsuit all year round. In winter, we will prefer warmer fabrics and long sleeves. This summer, we are putting on prints and color.

At work

For work, we opt rather for a straight cut and sober colors. But nothing prevents you from putting on high heels in a pep’s color! On your rest days, we prefer slightly lighter outfits. The trend is thin suspenders and denim. We would like to combine it with a small pair of sneakers or sandals.

In the Evening

For your evenings, we put out the big game. Why not dare a blazer jacket or a small stole? Something a little satin or with lace. We do not forget to accessorize with beautiful jewelry. For example, on a V neckline, add a pendant or a bib necklace. You can also let yourself be tempted by the bareback or the bustier!

The silhouette is structured with a rhinestone or sequin belt. For a more minimalist look, we can be satisfied with a classic gold or silver belt. And finally, we put on heeled sandals open on the front for example and made in pretty materials like satin, velvet, etc. Here are a few other things you need to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit.


The jumpsuit has been essential for your wardrobe for several seasons. Practical, chic and comfortable, we love it because it is a unique piece and we don’t need to know what to wear it with!

However, it is important to choose it carefully according to its morphology and to know how to accessorize it in style. How to wear the jumpsuit without mistakes? This article uncovers everything you need to avoid when wearing a jumpsuit

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