The Jewel of the Crowning Glory

Hair extensions are some of the most ingenious cosmetic creations that have answered to the women of contemporary times. Hairstyles have always been an inherent part of dressing up, but with hair extensions that come in various lengths, shapes, types and textures, hairstyling has become completely different for today’s women. One can have a short bob but adorn a stylish bun at a formal occasion, while shoulder-length hair now can instantaneously become waist-length for French braids and the like.There is a whole host of hair extensions that are available in the market, for every kind of hair and pocket. The best variety undeniably goes to be virgin hair varieties, but since they have overwhelming prices, the next best option is to invest in Remy hair. This version has all its cuticles intact and facing in the same direction, which makes the hair less prone to tangling. There are a number of types of Remy hair, but the jewel of the crowning glory undoubtedly is Indian Remy hair extensions. They come only in dark shades, usually black and brown, with varying thickness ranging from fine to medium. It can be straight, wavy or curly, but it is naturally a little wavy, which makes it all the more akin to real hair of the scalp. It is also important to know that they last six months to a year if properly maintained and taken care of.

Care taking of Indian Remy hair has its own set of laws. First of all, it does not receive the natural oils like that of real hair so as a rule of thumb; the extensions must be washed and moisturized every three to four days. Before shampooing, a mixture of water and conditioner should be sprayed and then combed gently with a wide-toothed comb to remove all possible tangles. Also, a good tip is to wet the hair gradually as adding a large amount of water to a very dry hair soaks the hair up like a sponge, swelling and tangling it. Shampoo should never be applied directly; rather a diluted amount should be slowly lathered from the crown of the head to the ends. Movement should always be downwards, lest haphazard motion will strip the moisture and sheen of the hair. Once washed, the hair should be towel-dried before using a blow-dryer. However, air-drying the hair is better for longevity. Also, leave-in conditioners are a good way to keep the luster intact, but washing the hair regularly prevents any kind of build-up.

The hair extensions are like dear friends who support and make one feel better about themselves. Therefore, looking after them becomes an important job. Sometimes, a pricier version of the Remy, the virgin Indian Remy hair extensions is also preferred by customers. This hair is even more delicate because it is devoid of any kind of chemicals, color or dye. Their maintenance is also much like the non-virgin type, but with a milder shampoo; which makes the overall result shiny, nourished and beautiful.

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