Being a new mom is beautiful and scary. There is so much that you don’t know. You just gave birth to a beautiful little angel, who you are willing to die for. Everything that he/she does is precious to you. You don’t and won’t change anything about him/her. He/she is perfect and you have never loved anybody as much as you love him/her. From his/her smile to his/her first laughter, every act of it moves you from inside. It is the most precious and beautiful time for you.

However, for many, it is also a scary time. Your newborn means so much to you that you only want to be the best for him/her. You want to be his/her supermom. You want to do everything for your baby and give him/her everything he/she asks for. You strive for perfection as a new mom. It is so much you don’t know, however, giving birth for the first time is a totally foreign experience to have and no matter how much you prepare for it beforehand, you would face new problems that you will not be prepared for. Thus, take all the help that you can get from experienced people and items specially prepared for new moms. Maternity items help you a lot. From nursing bras to nipple guards, invest in everything. Here are the maternity items that are necessary for new moms.


Being a new, breastfeeding mom means that you have a very fussy newborn attached to you at all times. Your baby doesn’t have a fixed clock for his meals. He/she might need to be fed at any time of the day at any place. You can’t reason with the baby. Even if you are in a public place and dressed in a very elaborate dress, your baby won’t care when he/she is hungry. This is where nursing bras come in.

Nursing bras are a must-have maternity item. They are bras made from a very comfortable soft fabric and that provide quick access to the breast. Some have flaps and some have panels. These are easily unbuttoned, unclipped to move to one side when your baby is hungry. Maternity bras are very convenient, manageable, and are not very expensive. So, new moms please get this. It will make things so much easier for you.


When you are expecting, you enter a new chapter of your life. This is a life-changing chapter and nothing that you would have imagined. You go through so many changes in this part of your life; your body, you as a person, almost every aspect of your life. While you cannot be prepared for every change, there are some changes that a new mom should be prepared for such as a changing body so, it is better to buy maternity clothes.

Being pregnant is not easy. We all know the struggle women face. It is a hard time as it is and women need all the help that they can get to make this journey easier. This is what maternity clothes do. Maternity clothes are loose-fitting clothes that allow your body to breathe. They are made from a very soft fabric that you can relax in. They have elastic and adjustable buttons to adjust to your changing body and shape. Even after you give birth, maternity clothes provide you with a lot of comforts as your body begins its return journey to what it once was.


When your body changes so much over a span of 9 months, you are bound to get some scars. Pregnancy scars are the same as battle scars. Giving birth is a warrior act. Thus, treat your stretch marks with love. They are nothing to be ashamed of but rather are something to be proud of.

When your body stretches and changes too much, the elastic fiber that allows your skin to be of an elastic nature; collagen, gets damaged. This leaves a scar on your skin. However, it is not permanent if you take care of them. There are many stretch mark creams, lotions, and oils that you can rub on your scars to make them go away. They might not completely erase them but they do lighten them.


During and after pregnancy, you and your body both go through a lot. Being pregnant means a 9-month span of your body being very restless, in pain, and very uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are a lot of inventions to put a pregnant woman’s body at peace. Presenting, pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy pillows are not as fluffy as normal ones and that is perfect. They are made to be strong and hold in different shapes and to bare a pregnant woman’s body. They come in different shapes that involve a wedge-shaped and a U-shaped pillow. They are perfect to stuff between your legs, behind your lower back, behind your neck, under your arms. They are like your body’s best friend. No matter what position your body might find comfort in, the pregnancy pillows are there to adapt accordingly and give ease to your aching body.


Your body needs its dose of vitamins and nutrients for it to function and be healthy.  When your body is bearing a child, this need intensifies. You are eating for two and you need to provide nutrition to not only your body but also to your fetus. Thus, prenatal vitamins are a must-have maternity item.

They ensure a smooth pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy. They give your body the strength to endure all the change that comes with pregnancy. They also help the growth of your baby and ensures a healthy child and a healthy pregnancy. Go to your gynecologist when you are expecting and ask him or her to provide you with the prenatal vitamins most beneficial for you. Your doctor will prescribe you a dosage which you must follow very strictly. If you have any questions regarding your vitamins, talk to your doctor.

Although these are a set of essential maternity items, this isn’t the complete list. In a time of 9 months, you need a long list of maternity items by your side. These involve nursing bras, maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, pregnancy pillows, itch lotion, Bellaband, tummy shield, nipple guards and so on. Remember that as a new mom, you should accept as much help as you can take and be fully prepared. However, you might still make mistakes and that is okay. That does not mean that you are a bad mom. There are many things that you learn after experiencing it. Being a new mom is a beautiful journey, good luck.

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