A Review of the Pfaff Embroidery Machine

The Pfaff embroidery machine that I’d like to review here is the Creative 2144, a sewing and embroidery machine combination.

Pfaff made it very easy to use this tool for both sewing and embroidery; in particular, the embroidery was rendered very user-friendly.

I’m not going to pretend that this computer is all singing all the time, but it has plenty of user-friendly solutions and very effective what they provide.

Any design you choose can be resized, you can make it bigger, or you can make it smaller by around 20 percent. There’s no need to fix it in one place that you can move around. By inserting pieces of another layout, including letters, etc., you may modify it. You can make and rotate a mirror image and repeat it.

The instructions tell you how to mix various designs in the same region of the hoop and how to do this by pushing the hoop. To allow this, you would have to move your hoop if you wanted a continuous line of any design.

The Pfaff embroidery machine helps you to use any design, irrespective of which hoop you are using, as a multi-hoop design.

A very useful instruction is what kind of stabilizer to use for different fabrics. It takes away all the hassle of guessing.

You can receive information on how to better attach your hoop to your cloth and how to stitch leather to avoid making markings.

Very helpful, the Creative 2144 has a separate bobbin winding engine, so you can continue to embroider your design while filling up another bobbin.

There’s a warning light to tell you the bobbin is running out, so make sure it’s always turned on because if not, the machine will carry on without any thread with the design. This scenario is not the best to figure out.

If this happens, one way to get back to the point where the thread runs out is to enter the exact number of stitches you want to get back to. You may need to enter a few to locate the exact stitch before you find the right one. You can use your forward and back button to return the machine to the exact location if you get pretty close. It’s not easy, as I said, but it can be achieved.

First of all, the best solution is not to let that happen!

The Pfaff embroidery machine is convenience itself, but if you need other options than built-in, you might want to think about buying technology that costs extra but would offer you other apps like choosing colors from many thread suppliers plus other functions.

The hoops are a large 140 mm x 225 mm and a small 80 mm x 80 mm with an adapter as normal.

Pfaff provides you with other hoops to add to your accessories, such as a medium round hoop, one for baseball caps to be embroidered, plus many hoops for buttonhole. There really wouldn’t be anything with this little bunch that you couldn’t embroider if you wanted to.

For as little as $10, you will purchase Pfaff models that set them apart from other computer manufacturers. Pfaff has a nice system that allows you to buy either one model or a whole collection.

The Creative 2144 Pfaff embroidery machine is so easy to learn that you will feel confident to tackle every task before you have learned much at all.

One drawback is that you don’t have a clock to tell you how much longer it will take for a model. Furthermore, the colors of the thread that you see on the monitor are not true; they are standard.

When you tried to see what a model might feel like to use colors other than those approved, it might be hard to see.

Basically, it’s a very versatile tool, and I’d suggest it’s very nice for someone just beginning to pursue embroidery on the phone.

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