8 Basic Rules To Wear Men’s Suit

Wearing a suit, because you want to look perfect? Most of the men feel tangled when it comes to upgrading their dressing style. However, wearing a suit does not just upgrade your style, but it also depends on color combination and design. You may know how to wear suits with proper style and perfect designing, but still, you might lack proper accessories which makes you look overboard or style-less. Men suits Sydney provides you with their best-styled suits that match today’s fashion and helps you upgrade your fashion sense. Their elegant and well-designed suits make you look aesthetic and bold.

Styling your wardrobe and do not know how to begin? Here are some basic rules that you can adopt while wearing a suit.


The first and the major thing one must consider while wearing a suit is that it must fit your body perfectly; This means your suit must not be too large or too small than your body because wearing a suit larger than your body size makes you look like baggy and old-fashioned. And wearing a suit that is smaller than your body size makes you feel uncomfortable and over-shaped. For this, you must choose a suit that is best fitted and makes you feel comfortable, and its design must be according to current fashion.


The second major and prominent part of your suit is your tie. Always wear a dark-coloured tie that suits your shirt color and do not wear a tie whose color is similar to your shirt or coat. Always attach your tie with a tie clip and make sure that it’s width must be less than your tie’s width. Adjust your tie in such a way that its tip lays just above the belt’s buckle. Your tie knot must be equal and balanced in the center because unequal and unaligned tie clearly shows your bad styling.

  1. SUIT’s JACKET STYLE:        

The third important thing you must consider while wearing a suit is properly styled jacket. Your jacket must cover your pants zipper and butt, but it must not be too long. Buttoned only the first button of your jacket and leave the second one unbuttoned if your jacket has three buttons then buttoned the middle one and leave the rest unbuttoned. Your jacket’s sleeves must expose half an inch of your shirt’s sleeve cuffs, and if it does not, that means your jacket is larger than your body size.


Wearing suit comes up with numerous styles and obligations to make you feel classy and smart. The most important thing is the style. You cannot look classy by just wearing a suit but, you must know the proper style for handling it. Always remember to unbutton your jacket whenever you sit. There are two major reasons behind it, and the first reason is that it looks classy and portrays your organized image in front of others and the second reason is that you may ruin your jacket if you forget to unbutton it before sitting and can be embarrassing in front of people around you.


Wearing a suit and fears that it will expose your belly fat, then wearing a waistcoat is the best option for flattening your belly. For a classy and smart look, your waistcoat must be just above the upper side of your belt’s buckle. Always unbuttoned the last button of your waistcoat to maintain your posture comfortable while sitting. For a classier look, fold your shirt’s sleeves when wearing a waistcoat.


Your suit’s style also includes your belt style and color. But before styling always remembers to wear a belt even if your pant does not require. Your belt color must match the color of your shoes. Prefer the thin belts with a simple buckle, and it must be according to the occasion. Avoid wearing belts with broad and shiny buckle when going out for professional meetings and interviews. Do not wear a belt with suspenders as both suspenders and belt have the same purpose of holding up your pants. Adjust your belt in such a way that the remaining part must equally inside all the hooks of your pants because unadjusted belt leaves a greater part outside, ruining your suit’s fitting and style.


The second last and most important thing to remember is, wear shoes and socks that look good with your suit style and according to the occasion; This means the color of your socks must be simple and solid colored with no designs on it. Wear dark colored or white colored socks. Your socks must be long if you are going for a meeting or interview and can opt for ankle socks while going for party or wedding. Your shoes color must always match your suit color but that does not mean that your wear exactly the same color of shoes as your suit, it must look good and professional.


Choosing the suit fabric depends on how often you wear it; This means for daily wear, you must opt the most durable and comfortable fabric. The most tangled thing that makes man confused is to choose a good and delicate color. Because the color of your suit must be according to the event. Avoid choosing a full black suit; instead, you can opt for charcoal black as it is suitable for every event.


If you are planning for changing your wardrobe, you can follow these instructions and can make yourself classier and smart. Opting suit colors according to season and wearing according to current fashion will make you look elegant and decent. Your suit style shows how organized you are and makes you feel upgraded according to modern fashion sense. And at last, I like to quote that, “Being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of time and being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” so let your choice makes you a gentleman.  

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