5 Things tattoos reveal about you

Nowadays tattoos are becoming a fashion trend. When we step out, we witness every other person having tattoos on their body. Many people even have so much craze of tattoos that they have a tattoo bodysuit (a tattoo that covers the entire body). Tattoos are much more than permanent inks that are inserted into your skin; rather they are a way of expressing your feelings. When people do not want to speak aloud but still they want others to hear their thoughts they get a tattoo on themselves.

People own different opinions on tattoos. These opinions may be negative or positive depending on personal liking and preference. Those who not have any tattoo will obviously find it weird that how can people go through the pain and get themselves inked permanently. However, those who have a tattoo on their body only know, how it feels to get your thoughts and imagination printed on your body.

A research made by the statistic research department tells that about half of the adults in the United States have at least one tattoo on their body and more than 40% of adults have more than four tattoos on their bodies. Tattoos are the art of expression and they tell a lot about your thoughts and personality. So if you want to know what things do tattoos reveal about you?

This article is for you as here I am about to tell you the surprising “5 things tattoos reveal about you”:

1) Love for art

Everyone owns an artistic personality, no matter in which part of the world you live, no matter what is your occupation, culture or traditions. You may be or may not be an artist by profession but you can always show some artistic side of yours by:

  • Doing paintings
  • Singing in leisure time
  • Joining a dance class
  • Showcasing your makeup skills
  • Getting a nice tattoo on your body.

It is very important to have some artistic activities in your life it keeps your creativity alive. Creativity provides new colors to your soul and always keeps you happy. It polishes your self-confidence and gives you a more positive and unique sense of analyzing things. What can be more artistic than bringing your own creative imaginations to your body? People might have different thoughts about a tattoo but only the person who gets one knows what his tattoo explains, exactly like how beautifully only an artist can explain his art.

Sometimes what people want and desire, they do not get the exact same tattoo since they fail to explain, what kind of tattoo they want. If you are thinking to get a tattoo to show your creative side, it is very important you freely explain your ideas to your tattoo artists. Some people like to have a black and white tattoo to give a cool bold look while others desire to get a more colorful and pretty tattoo, to showcase their jolly artistic personality.

Most people make those things in their tattoos that they love like butterflies, dragons, and pictures of someone, quotes, and names. Every tattoo has its own importance and meaning, which people desire to keep for a lifetime as a piece of art on their bodies.

2) You own a strong personality

The harshest reality of the world is that whenever you will try to do something no matter it is good or bad you will always face a lot of criticism. Only a few people will support you and the rest will degrade you. Most people have weird and negative thoughts about people owning a tattoo. Even in today’s world, many people consider tattoos as taboo. When you get a tattoo this shows how strong, independent you are about your decisions.

A person who has a strong personality can only get a tattoo even after knowing people consider it as a taboo and many people will not appreciate it. However, these thoughts do not fit all cultures or traditions.

Getting a tattoo makes you more confident, strong and gives you the freedom to paint your body with the colors you love and the thoughts you believe. In my opinion, having a strong personality is the best quality a person can have, so be confident while getting your next tattoo.

3) You like to be unique

Everyone has a desire to look different from others. Getting a tattoo is a way to make yourself spark among all the other people. People use to get a tattoo that is unique to make them feel different and unique from other people.

Those people having a unique tattoo pattern on their bodies are highlighted among others. In an urge and desire to look unique people sometimes get a tattoo, which even doesn’t suit them and later feels embarrassed about their tattoos.

Always make sure that your tattoo is not weird that in future you wish to get it removed. Tattoos should look cool, bold, elegant and beautiful but they should never make you look like a horror film character.

4) Desire to improve

Everyone should be satisfied with his or her personality and appearance but in reality, it does not happen. Life always convinces us to think about improving ourselves mentally, physical, personality-wise or look wise.

Many people are not satisfied with themselves, whether it is their looks or behavior. People do different types of struggles to make their body look good. These struggles may include:

  • Cosmetics surgeries
  • Dieting and workouts
  • Doing a lot of makeup
  • Wearing trendy and expensive clothes
  • Adopting the latest hairstyles
  • Enhancing your body with tattoos

Getting a beautiful tattoo on body parts can definitely enhance your appearance. Tattoos make you look bold and hot. When you will have a nice tattoo on your body, you will spark in everyone’s eyes. People get a tattoo in a desire to improve their looks and to become more attractive.

Many people who go through depression, anxiety and feel bad about themselves, tattoos have helped them get out of that feeling. This proves that getting a tattoo surely improves yourself whether it is physically or mentally.

5) Expressive yet a mystery

Words cannot express your feelings all the time; sometimes an expression of feelings requires actions. We all have witnessed those people who express their love and affection through the tattoos on their bodies.

It can be your partner, family, any person or any other thing for whom you get a tattoo on yourself. This shows how much love, affection, and respect you have for them.

Through a tattoo people, also express their creativity and fashion sense. However, not everyone can understand what your tattoo is saying or expressing then, you look a little mysterious to him or her. Since you are the only person, who can explain the reason and meaning behind your tattoo this point makes you a mystery.


People might own a different perspective about tattoos but at the end of the day, it is your body, your choice, and your right, how you desire to make changes to it. If getting a tattoo can boost your confidence, makes you look attractive, bold and beautiful than you should definitely get one.

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