10 things to know about teen fashion

Clothing, wearing accessories of all types have always been one of the basic everyday tasks of humans. It started with the history of mankind. While in the very start, the sense of making oneself different from the others might not be the target. Grooming of people depending on the age, area, institution, the class they belong to sets target for them to do fashion. Fashion is a culture within the word. Fashion highlights wearing and carrying the sense of a person and differentiates it from the others. It is there in all genders while girls clothing especially has the exception in it.

Girls clothing

Starting from the leaves culture till gown to sometimes cover, fashion sense has changed with the times and needs of the society. Fashion mostly depends onto the season/weather/climate of the area in which a person is living in. it is different according to the casual, official, function (marriage and death ceremony, etc.). Basic girls clothing generally include pants, shorts, sleeveless, gowns, heels, wedges, bands, jewelry, bags, hairstyles, makeup and even tattoos etc. clothing of both men and women varies according to the culture and sometimes religion too. Fashion also is not related to age but can be specified to age to look decent and more elegant in any gathering. It was introduced with age specified to teen in the Victorian era.

Things to know of Teen fashion

  1. History

As mentioned above, the trend of teen fashion was not common until the Victoria age (1820-1914). The terms “b’hoys” and “scuttlers” in this regard are very important.  These were the gangs walking down in the streets introducing new fashions of the times including brimmed hats, embroidered shirts and bell-bottom trousers with leather belts accordingly. After the WWI in this regard, followed by the economic boom in allied states, youth market gained boom again. With the opening of new colleges/universities “Ivy league” and “collegiate” became the prominent fashion trends. WWII introduced “bobbysoxer” in the female fashion industry with the new trend of sweaters. The term teenager was used by American industry to refer to the young people attracted to the leisure lifestyle.

  1. Mandatory things in wardrobes in teenage

Teenage is the age when choices, likes and dislikes keep on changing. This is the time when a person is afraid to wear his own fashion creation in fear of whether it will suit him or not. This is the age when a person wants to look like his favorite celebrity/crush, but sometimes miserable fails to follow the trend. To look comfortable, trendy and fashion model is the dream these days. They must keep items in this regard in the wardrobe are first of all jeans that fit exceptionally. A loose or extra tight jean reflects arrogance sometimes in the world of fashion if not carried confidently with grace. In this regard, black, blue and white color is a must. Leggings are also the famous choice in this regard that is available in each color depending on the liking of a person.

  1. Joggers

These do not are specified with gender. Both men and women should keep thee in wardrobe to wear in case of informal wearing or simply when in a rush or hilly/stone areas. This is the best choice when on trips.

  1. Flats/heels

When it comes to female clothing, there are plenty of choices about what to wear in any type of gathering. Shoes, however, are an important part of the personality of a human. In women, heels of every type and flats are quite common depending onto the like and heights. While choosing shoes, a person should always keep in mind the ease and comfort of shoes that if disturbed, can ruin the fashion at all. Therefore while buying any shoes, toe comfort, width expanding estimate, the size that identifies length are mandatory.   

  1. Printed designs

Printed dresses in shirts/skirts are in trend nowadays. This, however, depends onto the personal liking of the person that whether wants to keep short till hips/knees or till toes. Printed shirts are also available for males to wear both in dress shirts and t-shirts to wear according to the gathering.

  1. Handbags/ clutches/backpacks

These, in general, should be there in every teenager’s wardrobe according to tip his type and liking. Type of teenager can be explained in terms of whether he/she goes on trips quite often, formal parties, college-university etc. printed, embroidery, leather plastic bags are available in markets worldwide. In the modern age, shipping and cargo are also available if shopped internationally, and many companies provide trustworthy services in this regard too. Wearing comfortable fashion in this regard nowadays is not just a dream but can be fulfilled just with a little choice. Some people also have the best choice that whatever they wear looks exceptional and make them different. Also, fashion is incomplete without confidence. If a person is following any fashion trend, but looks cannot embrace elegance. While sometimes a person just stands outside the line of trendy fashion but wears with such grace that makes his/her own brand.

  1. Undergarments

Undergarments for every gender to wear are quite common to wear in formal and informal meetings too. This is for fashion and to cover visible body parts too. Adding comfort, along with fashion, should be the main goal of wearing undergarments. Color choice is also vital. Skin, black, blue and red colors are generally in fashion. Choices of undergarments prominently differ for all ages. Therefore the colors and shapes vary too.

  1. Wristwatches

Wristwatches have always remained the sign of elegance, decency, class and of course, fashion too. Broad and big dial analogue along with digital watches both are the hot favorites of teens. This also ensures punctuality. The bitter truth is that in the modern technological world when mobile and other devices came, wearing watches went off trend. But now, due to the elegance, the watch game is strong.

  1. Goggles/ sunglasses

Never gone off-trend, never will be are the sunglasses. In every age people like wearing sunglasses to look cool, decent and fashionable too. It has various colors and frame types to depending onto the likes of the teen customer. A pair of cool sunglasses hence is mandatory to keep in the wardrobe.

  1. Coats/rompers/jackets

Classified for each event, uppers are a must. Trendy colors, along with cool uppers, also vary according to the climatic conditions. These are to add classier look to the formal and informal wearing both, and these are mandatory to be in the wardrobe of the teenager who is fond of following trendy fashion.


Fashion can be popped out-trend by brand or local market anywhere in the world to which people like wearing. Teenage, when most people hesitate the following fashion due to the fear of fitting and suiting on them. Confidence hence is very important to rock any gathering. Female and male both fashion industries keep on introducing new trends in the market, and leisure-oriented teen makes them successful.

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